Paul Glasse / Press

“Paul Glasse is one of our finest mandolinists on the planet...”

John McGann - Professor, Strings Berklee College of Music

“After hearing Paul Glasse lately, I know he's on a good path- the best ever. I can hear it.”

“...one of the planet's most amazing jazz mandolinists...”

“Paul's also the best music teacher I've ever met, he gracefully managed to get chord substitution,inversions and the really cool voicings into my thick skull. ”

Paul Lestock - Arrow Guitar & Major 5th Instruments

“Paul Glasse is one of the finest instrumentalists I have played with in a long time. Having  known him since he was very young, he always impressed all of us with his musicality and creative approach, finding a way of his own and making his stringed instruments be an extension of his voice This is what all great players strive for. I always look forward to playing with him and every time I do he is doing something new!”

David Amram - composer, conductor, musician and writer

“...master clinician and jazz mandolinist...”

“...nimble fingered, breathtaking work on acoustic and electric mandolins.”

Hilarie Grey - Jazz Times

“Paul Glasse matches an overwhelming technical mastery with a familiarity with jazz unparalleled among mandolin players -- jazz never sounded more natural on the mandolin (nor has is swung more). Another product of the seemingly incredible Austin music scene.”

Elderly Instruments

“Here's Glasse, even better...playing music that has the traditional spaciousness of southwest jazz...the drive, risk and surprise of bebop. On his staccato instrument, Glasse is legato and fluid, with a rich fund of harmonic resources.”

Doug Ramsey - Jazz Times

“Glasse is one of the best five-string electric mandolinists on the planet.”

Daily Texan

“...magnificent master of the mandolin...”

Austin Chronicle

“...a world class mandolinist...”

Houston Chronicle

“Glasse…demonstrates a wide-ranging musical vision which is limited only by the bounds of imagination”

Hilarie Grey - Jazz Times

“Glasse is a virtuoso on the mandolin.”

Daily Texan

“Paul Glasse, Austin’s resident mandolin ace, is one of the best in the business…his music is usually an eclectic mix of stylistic surprises.”

Michael Point - Austin American Statesman

“Paul Glasse was creating subtle, sophisticated and driving bebop on his mandolin, an instrument that has approximately as much currency in jazz as the viola da gamba and the sackbut.”

Doug Ramsey - Jazz Times

“Glasse, in addition to being a virtuoso on his instrument, is an excellent composer whose tunes are distinguished by melodic grace, harmonic warmth and intelligence…. Aside from its sheer value as music, this album offers yet another refutation of that periodic lament, “Jazz is dying"...”

Gene Lees - Jazzletter