“Paul writes beautiful and insightful lyrics that explore the realms of love and loss in sensitive, touching and thoughtful way.”

Beckett, Reverbnation

“You continue to amaze me...each and every measure of music you create is sprinkled with delicate magic & an abundance of stardust. These are not merely songs. They are intricate paintings indelibly etched onto the most precious canvas with careful precision. I love your music, Paul. I sit here in utter wonder when listening to these masterpieces.”

Richard Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“OPHELIA captured me. Wonderful composing and emotional vocals. Fantastic work.”

JIMOYA - Reverbnation

“One Day - just beautiful, gives me peace this evening”

Maybe - Reverbnation

"one day" is total class, maestro!!! your girl sings like a bell... she can ring ring ring!!! love the chords... you are like a david foster... peter cetera should be on the phone any minute! you have what hooks me... melody... not to mention the class lyrics by Sir Julesy Baby... the strings are so nice... it's like rita coolidge singing a david foster song... wow... your biggest fan, da boi d

Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“I thought it would have been impossible to 'update' Ophelia. Beautifully orchestrated, perfectly sung and the acoustic guitar parts are just amazing. So clear, precise and yet with great feeling. I dunno how you did it again, Paul&Rebecca:)”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

"One Day" is truly a masterpiece. Moving, delicate, inspiring, gorgeously performed and a beautiful write. Bravo!

Bob Rylett - Reverbnation

“Your music is perfect for sitting down and taking stock of what life is about...love..care and trust and understanding...it inspired me and made me stronger”

Will Ludford - Reverbnation

“I love visiting this page. The only problem is that I never want to leave; it's such a peaceful place with such beautiful stories and wonderfully magical melodies.”

K.C.Daleigh - Reverbnation

“Always a huge pleasure to be here surrounded by your fine arts and music. One day your new song with a plethora of flavors and talented collaborations is a HEART BREAKER «♥» Love songs are sometimes created from pain and somehow you have all managed to turn this into something Awesomely positive. One day was TODAY ~~ A Song Of Wisdom ~~ not to be forgotten”

Brio'con - Reverbnation

“So Far Away is achingly lovely, and expresses the beautiful combination of vocals and guitar that I've come to expect from your work.”

Anna Madorsky - Reverbnation

“Listening and playing all of these stirring masterpieces of great sound and voice and interesting lyrics that pull the listener in and never lets them go to the very last word and note!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Paul & Rebecca, you stole my heart! Lovely! Great songs, beautiful vocals, fab guitar sounds, fine writing - your music has EVERYTHING”

Harry V Singer Songwriter - Reverbnation

“On "Into White", I see a canvas and you paint so very well with your voice, music surrounds you, the composition becomes. -Amazing”

EverythingManBand - Reverbnation

“This is what writing, is all about. Theme, Melody, Compassion,Empathy Passion and the gift to be able to bring all of these elements, together, so that we can be blessed with this, anytime, that we desire. All we need to do is push play.”

Chuck Vaughn - Reverbnation

“These are remarkably beautiful songs, produced, performed and presented with a depth and quality of emotion that one rarely encounters!”

Beckett - Reverbnation

“Paul Dunn is a Master Songwriter---his ability to put lyrics and melody together is unsurpassed, and every song I've heard is beautiful and moving. I loved his work with Eamon, and now with his daughter Rebecca doing vocals the magic continues! I recommend you hear every gem from these true Artists!”

Rob Davis-Ashbury - Reverbnation

“I can not begin to adequately express my appreciation for your deeply meaningful and musical "paintings". Your musicianship is as sophisticated and refined as anything out there past, present, and future. Top shelf all the way”

Richard D Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

““Composer Paul Dunn and singer/songwriter Eamon Ireland make pure magic come to life in their newly released CD, The Promise. There is definately no song better than another on this CD because they are all perfect. The musical genius of Paul and Eamon shines in every note played and every word sung. Eamon's voice is crystal clear and rich with the Irish lilt making "The Promise" the most romantic CD I have ever listened to. For the perfect evening with the one you love, chill some wine, light some candles and listen to "The Promise". I guarantee you will be melting in each others arms and making your own magic by the end of the first song. The teaming up of these two phenomenal musicians is definately a huge success story! I certainly hope they keep making music together because I have never heard a duo who compliment each other so perfectly.” — Marcene Bronson. Marketing Director, Celtic Crier ”

Celtic Crier