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Paul Gedion Nkete,better known by his trade name Paul Cultycul(The Ghetto Born),he is an African Dancehall Reggae artist.He said his name P.A.U.L CULTYCUL mean PEOPLE OF AFRICA UNITE AHN LIVE BY CULTIVATING YOUR CULTURE.He was raised in an area called ''Woodhall'' a micro ghetto within the heart of Lobatse,Botswana's Bandleng piece community.The community was considered dangerous and Paul Cultycul was exposed to a lot of things in his youth.He is known as ''Rre Marley'',a name he was given by his friends because of him being a Rasta Youth when they grew up,and he's known as ''The Bandleng President'' by Bandleng community.

Paul Cultycul had a major influence in his life that made him want to pursue a career in music.His love for his idols the Reggae Legends like Peter Tosh,Bob Marley and Yellow Man helped to ignite his love for music.Their music kept the fire burning and really influenced him in his music career.

Paul Cultycul was on his own,flying with his own wings to learn and know the ropes of the music business.In 2007 Paul Cultycul met Tebogo Ipotseng of Audio Woodhall Records and recorded his debut single ''Gyals Everywhere'' over one of his own self made riddims,which in turn made him a sensation in Lobatse's Dancehall Music.His next single brought him more mainstream success,and outside of Lobatse people began to notice him and he released his Cult Session Album end of that year(2007).In 2010,his single ''Mosimanyana''(recorded over his self made riddim) got major airplay countrywide on radio stations such as RB1 and RB2.Paul Cultycul continued to pursue his musical interest despite the very low rate of Reggae Dancehall followers in his country Botswana.

His debut album Cult Session: done to build Reggae Dancehall support,including ''What you think you are'',''When tears roll down'', ''Shake dat booty'', ''2getha'', and many more.He released a mixtape called Tswana Muffin Mixtape in September 2012 which is selling at the moment,he introduced it with singles like "Mosimanyana,My Size and Dance To The Riddim" which really made him Botswana's King of Dancehall and had major air play in all Botswana's radio stations...and once heard him say he is open/free to work with any artist,manager,promoter and producer as long as his music reaches his people!!!He recently released his third album called 'Dancehall Session' which is going international from his stable called 'Tswana Muffin Productions which he introduced with singles like 'Bandleng Dance and DHP(DanceHall Pantsula), this album was done with help from best African producers contributing riddims to make everything possible...
producers like:
Blinx and Jusa (ZIM) whistle
Dj Bemoore (ZIM) war,chase mi gal,riddim
Deejay Rocky (TANZANIA) blaze
Dj Edza B (ZIM) ditsala
King Gunnz (RSA) change
Mr Oshin (Nigeria)

he give thanx to Jah Flamezy in Ghana and Egerton in Sierra Leon for their support..

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Paul Gideon Nkete

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