Paul Chesne Band / Press

"Bar Ownership 101: Your bar has not arrived until the lead singer has to leave the stage and literally carry his passed out ex out of the bar......The Pour House has arrived. The Paul Chesne Band killed it tonight!!!! All I can say is "Wow!!!!!!" Party Band from Hell!!!!! What a great time had by all!!"

"Last night was awesome. I promised my friends a good show and y'all made me look good. Y'all got me laid."

“The bill featured singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Chesne who manages to weld together the raw roots-rock side of Neil Young, the bittersweet folk-rock plaint of Tom Petty, the down-home twang of Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and the urban grit of Lou Reed.”

“Paul Chesne is the shit”

“The latest album from Chesne is a vibrant, life affirming, affair with a large cast of players adding to the mix on the roots blend of rock and twang. The songs are all by Chesne and he delivers a strong and purposeful vocal over the keyboard and guitar-led ensemble.”

“At first blush the music of the Paul Chesne Band sounds like barroom bluster that goes down like a dollar draft. Stay sober enough to catch Chesne's wordlplay, though; The stuff on his album "Wet Dog Man" is a spit take waiting to happen.”

“Paul’s a singer song writer in the vein of Gram Parsons, Early Wilco era Jeff Tweedy, & Exile On Main Street era Rolling Stones. Singin’, dancing’, down on his knees, screamin’ to some empty bottle or some woman. His backing band is solid, to say the least.”

“Los Angeles-based, country-tinged singer-songwriter Paul Chesne is the kind of guy who makes going out to local dive bars worth the drive. On Chesne’s latest album, White Man’s Curse, you can practically hear beer bottles emptying and people dancing to the memorable riffs and good-time vibe.”

“11:18 pm Paul Chesne leaves the stage to a crowdful of appreciative screams, backslaps, highfives, other peoples’ girlfriends following him and general mayhem.”