Paul Chantrill / Press

“25 Jun 2015 PIP MILLER Katerini Manolatos and guitarist Paul Chantrill will be touring the Ionian islands of Greece in August 2015, performing 'A Musical Odyssey'. The musical duo is planning two concerts on the island of Ithaki - Katerini's father's birthplace. As an Australian of Greek heritage, Katerini Manolatos' close connection to Greece has been realised with numerous visits, one of which included her own wedding celebration. It's only natural then that her love for Greece will culminate in the release of 'A Musical Odyssey: Songs from Greece' - some 10 years after the launch of her first CD, 'Anamniseis'. In the lead up to this year's launch, Katerini says she feels much older and wiser and in charge of a more mature voice that has grown to reflect her own life story. "My life so far has made for an interesting journey. I have met some amazing people along the way, not the least of whom is guitarist, Paul Chantrill," Katerini tells. "Our joint passion for world music has re”