“ “… if you haven't already heard of Paula Valstein then you soon will have. Possessing a rich and powerful voice she delivers each vocal as if it were her last. Her influences are as strong as they are varied and she incorporates them all in order to further her own unique style.””

Joel Crane - NME

“The piano series ends on a sultry note, with well traveled pianist Paula Valstein injecting traditional jazz with all manner of contemporary and rock influences from Bob Dylan to Men at work.”

New York Magazine

“Paula Valstein isn’t the first musician attempting a crossover from reality TV to the U.S. pop charts — but she is the first with a major fan base in Israel. ”

Forward Newspaper

“ ...Paula Valstein the most feminine thing in prime time..”


“Twisty, clever melodies drive the dramatic pop tunes of local singer-songwriter Paula Valstein... ”


“ Paula Valstein is turning heads.The fetching Ms. Valstein recently received raves at the Big Apple’s Highline Ballroom, a venue that’s played to the likes of Joan Baez, Rihanna and even Sir Paul McCartney...”

Baltimore Jewish Times

“Paula Valstein didn't have the time to digest her landing from New York into a lost of anonymity and a complete madness of rehearsals and live TV translations... ”

MAARIV (Israel's newspaper)

“Power, unpredictability and emotion pour through every minute of this distinctive performer's songs. A pianist and guitarist as well, Paula Valstein will hypnotize you live with her soulful voice and unguarded persona..."”

Next Big Hit

“NIGHT LIFE - The Highline ballroom’s “Piano Series” continues with the New York City transplant Paula Valstein, whose sweet voice and songwriting smarts have made her something of a celebrity in her native Israel. ”


“ “The silky songstress/pianist lingers over soulful arrangements...””