Paula Ralph Birkett / Press

“...Paula Ralph-Brkett... Hers is a voice that can soar, can snap time with the best of them, and sing from the heart in a manner that not only is communicative but also deeply spiritual.”

“...Abundant Life, and the lush voice of Ralph-Birkett is a pure joy. With the emotion that she puts into her singing one is pulled into the music to the point that you almost have the feeling that you are sitting in the same room with her, hanging on every word and phrase.”

“...But Tyrone's introductory notes on track #1, "Testify" had a sharp punch along with a solid groove. Then Paula Ralph-Birkett started singing and we knew that this album warranted serious listening! Paula sings on 8 of the 12 songs and her voice is buttery smooth.”

D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Newsletter

“On songs like "Testify" and "Awesome God", both singer and saxist, along with a sanctified rhythm section take the listener back to the real roots of jazz, the church, with electrifying grooves and passions.”

George W. Harris - Jazz Weekly