Paul & The Kir / Press

“Not since McCartney and Lennon has there been such an amazing songwriting duo. Thanks to Paul and the Kir there still isn't, but let me tell you the Beatles never made me laugh so hard I blew snot out of my face... Paul and the Kir did. Thanks guys.”

“Paul & the Kir are the best thing since the white stripes met personality!”

“With their witty lyrics and incredible live performance, Paul & The Kir have rocked my face off! Do yourself a favor and check em out!”

“Paul and The Kir are amazing! I've never had a song get me so hot-and-bothered like "Slutty HO!"”

“Paul and the Kir make me uncomfortable like nothing since puberty.... IN THE BEST WAY!!!”

“I would listen to Paul and the Kir more, but I just hate having to clean up the mess in my pants after I'm done.”

“Paul and the Kir will make you smile, laugh and even dance like a child! The best part about them is they both can actually PLAY an instrument :) and well!! Whats not to love about two talented musicians with an hilarious sense of humor?”

“Like Tenacious D, but SLUTTIER.”

“I was afraid I'd never find a song about robots I could make love to, but Paul and the Kir did it.”

“Paul & The Kir's music really touched me... I can show you on the doll exactly where, if you like...”

“Paul and the Kir is like sticking two lit sticks of dynamite in your ears, but without the mess to clean up afterwards.”

“I have learned so many important, life-altering lessons from Paul and the Kir. Ryan Seacrest is the Best (screw Reynolds and Gosling!). Two Wongs Do Make a Right. And most importantly, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a Slutty Ho. Thank you Paul and the Kir. Thank you.”