Paul Amirault / Press

“Beautiful spiritual melodies and lyrics!!! Thank you so much for adding me! Wishing you the best of luck with your music:-) Blessings always, _Tessie <3”

Tessie - RN Commentary

" White Indian " great song Paul.Your a fantastic talent.....Charles.

Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation commentary

“Beautiful emotion and feel on "White Indian" Paul!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Very Well Done ~ Absolutely Brilliant ~ Best Regards ~ Sean”

Enoch. Aracane - Reverbnation Feedback

“Your music lifts the spirit, heart and soul. Its beautiful!”

SINNERS - Reverbnation

“Stunning creativity I find in your music Paul...mind blowing, I am zapped through the beauty of the sounds that you create.”

RS Mahmood - Reverbnation Commentary

“Uplifting music here! jazz flutist Rowland Sutherland, UK”

Rowland Sutherland - Reveerbnation Comments

“Blue Willow is so cool! Excellent composition.”

Robert Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation Commentary

“you blown us the first time we press the play button...just close our eyes and enjoying a very lovely melody from your track...BEAUTIFUL”

Alice &amp; Bjorn Stockholm, Sweden - reverbnation

“You are something of a travel agent to my ears, taking me away to some peaceful complacency that I will soon visit again!”

Matthew Martinek Dallas, Texas - Reverbnation Commentary

“Beautiful work.Blue Willow has a haunting melody and memorable melody. The song transformed me and touched my imagination. Nicely done!”

Jeff Harvey, Singer Songwriter, Phoenix, AZ - Reverbnation Commentary

“Blue Willow is a beautiful song Paul, wonderful guitar playing, I love the style. Have an awesome weekend ~ Frankie singer/songwriter Falmouth, MA”

Frankie O&#39;Rourke - Reverbnation Commentary

“Listening to your beautiful music Paul. "Voices Of The People" is an awesome song with a great message..love it!”

Delaney Simpson Singer/Songwriter from San Fran. - Reverbnation Commentary

“Blue Willow is so thoughtful lyrically, delicious guitar work, and wonderful voice!”

Gail Carson Songwriter - Reverbnation Commentary

“I am really enjoying your playing but also your lyrical content. Stories that mean so much... and you have a very gentle voice, if I can say... Plus I love all flutes so consider me a new (real) fan. ”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation

“Hey Paul...you have a great sound, great vocal ..Walking In The Sun...beautiful song!! top stuff here!!! Enjoyed listening. The Fores , Leicester, UK”

The Fores , Rock Group from UK - Reverbnation

“Wow. Such a full sound here! Terrific tone and an excellent voice. Just REALLY good music! Wayne from Professor and Naomi”

Wayne - Commentary Reverbnation

“Hi Paul, Enjoying your beautiful guitar and flute work, inspirational my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Frankie”

Frankie O&#39;Rourke , Singer/Songwriter, Falmouth, MA - reverbnation commentary

“Beautiful mood and sound on "Blue Willow" Paul!! John R. Singer Songwriter , LA ,USA”

“Your sound is the sound of the natural world! Beautiful and free! It has a peaceful optimism that is relentless! Awesome guitar and woodwind play!”

Great Space Age Soul - Reverbnation Commentary

“Walking In The Sun is really cut with some pretty magical stuff. Unique, fresh and wonderful songcraft. Frank Smith - Mar 27 ”

“Paul, love the great music you are making. The guitar work with the flute is awesome. I love music dedicated to Native Americans. Very uplifting. Love it. russ of Blue Mountain Mule”

"Blue Willow" is really a beautiful tune!

Jeff W. of reverbnation

“Very beautiful music paul! I could listen all day!”

MacKenzie Morgan - Reverbnation Comment

“Beautiful and soulful work! Amazing!”

Johann Paulsen Composer from Sweden - reverbnation comment

“'Blue Willow' hauntingly beautiful track... luv the sound of the flute & acoustic guitar playing. Cheers”

The Pizza Kings from Canada - Reverbnation Comment

“Blue willow is a SWEET number paul. good to stop by”

Glenn of Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Paul, Blue Willow got me good, brother. You have some truly honest and touching songwriting and performances. This is what it's all about - from the heart music flows, and yours is a river in the moonlight. By way of this I will recommend you here on Reverb Nation. Thank you for introducing me to your music, and keep it goin' strong in NH! :^)”

Ron Rutherford, Singer Songwriter - Reverbnation Commentary

"Blue Willow" is a great song that tells a meaningful story. I wish you all the very best of success.

Shane Alan Swaim - Reverbnation Comments

“Thanks, Paul! Magic sounds of guitar and your beautiful voice you can listen forever! Divinely! I know I'll definitely be back here!”

Olga Svoya - reverbnation commentary

“Your music is beautiful Paul, very relaxing and peaceful. Thank you for the friendship.”

Amy Bogue, Singer Songwriter - Reverbnation Commentary

“Lovely walks into tracks that take on a whole life of their own. You had me hooked with "Blue Willow"...and everything else fell right into place. Awesome.”

Delaney Simpson from San Francisco - Reverbnation comment

“I had to return and hear The Dance of the Wood Spirits. Evocative and lovely as I fully expected from someone as talented as you. Salariatus”

Salariatus from Houston, Texas - Reverbnation artist

“'Walking in the Sun' great song with a lovely lazy jazz feel, chilled guitar and nicely turned lyric, real feel good song :)”

Robyn Jane - Reverbnation Comment

“I really enjoyed Whispers of the Songkeepers :”

Lee Rice - Reverbnation Comment

“You have created your own world of music. Thanks for sharing your craft with the world. Cheers. Wade of Shadebull”

Wade - Reverbnation notes

“You have a lovely quality to your music, warm and inviting!! As I listen, my mind wanders back to the forests and meadows of ancient America. Very lovely indeed!!”

Salariatus - reverbnation fan

“Listening to 'Blue Willow', absolutely lovely !! :)”

Fiona McMahon - Reverbnation Comments

“Very nice sounds! Feb 14”

James Dallas - Reverbnation

“Blue Willow is wonderful. Beautiful delicate instrumentation and expressive vocals.”

Last Day On Earth - Reverbnation fan

“Whispers Of The Songkeepers AWESOME Song thank you for sharing an keep up the great work from your friend MooNMaN aka Fullmoon Stuckey it is nice to have friends with talent.”

Fullmoon Stuckey - Reverbnation

“Beautiful soothing sounds. BLUE WILLOW and WHISPERS OF THE SONGKEEPERS are both excellent compositions. Great vocals and blend of instrumentation. ~kc Feb 05”

KC Daleigh - reverbnation

“Wow, Blue Willow is astonishing Paul. Such, deep rich, songcraft here. I've decided to give all of your songs a spin today. I think I'm in for a rare treat.”

Sills &amp; Smith - Reverbnation Frank Smith

“Dear Paul, So beautiful music, great voice, Thank you for sharing your so beautiful and magnificent universe, Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much* Sending positive energy,Peace & love* Ryo, Feb 07”

Ryo Utasto - Reverbnation