Pat Roberts and the Heymakers / Press

“Retro told you about Electric Lotus artists VOODOO SWING a bit ago, which alerted me to the label’s upcoming release by PAT ROBERTS & THE HEYMAKERS, Lonesome & Blue. This is the Arizona-based band’s debut album. The label told me that it will be available digitally through i-tunes, and as a physical CD via CD Baby within days. As you can hear, Pat Roberts plays a pretty mean guitar and has a nice honkytonk-friendly voice, while the songwriting seems to stay true to traditional country. Maybe in another life they could’ve shared a package tour with Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison or Johnny Cash, or cut a record with Owen Bradley. Instead, this well-crafted country music, which should be the very definition of mainstream country, is left to be adopted by the rockabillies and country purists (such as myself). Give ‘em a spin and LIKE ‘em on Facebook.”

“ De eerste plaat van het trio ‘Pat Roberts And The Heymakers’ uit Phoenix, Arizona laat er geen twijfel over bestaan in welk genre deze drie heren zich een carrière in de muziekwereld denken te kunnen ontwikkelen. Met regelrechte rockabilly en rock & roll-songs brengen Pat Roberts (twanggitaar en zang), Ed Michaels (drums) en Paul Thomas (staande bas en zang) op hun debuutalbum “Lonesome And Blue” complexloze liedjes van eigen makelij, aangevuld met een aantal nauwkeurig geselecteerde covers. Van de dertien songs op dit album zijn er zeven door Pat Roberts zelf geschreven nieuwe composities en zes coversongs waar we later nog wat dieper op in willen gaan. Ook de artiesten die Pat Roberts in zijn muziekbeleving hebben beïnvloed zijn meteen herkenbaar aanwezig. Een beetje muziekkenner merkt al gauw diverse sporen van Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash en Hank Williams in de liedjes die hij zelf voor deze cd heeft gecomponeerd. ”

“Take equal parts rock­a­billy, clas­sic coun­try, honky tonk, and Bak­ers­field, mix them all together, and toss in a great gui­tar player, a rock-solid rhythm sec­tion, and some tasty guest appear­ances on key­boards and pedal steel. Then, chan­nel the ghost of Roy Orbi­son and the spirit of (the still-living and still-great) Sleepy LaBeef into the vocals and what do you get? When Pat Roberts and the Hey­mak­ers did all this, they came up with the bril­liant Lone­some & Blue, newly released on the Elec­tric Lotus Label. Lone­some and Blue, the band’s first release, serves as a mod­ern trib­ute to clas­sic coun­try and rock­a­billy and is a thor­oughly enjoy­able record for any­one who loves these gen­res. The band—Pat Roberts on gui­tar and vocals, Paul Thomas on upright bass, and Ed Michaels on drums—mixes six great clas­sic tunes in with seven Roberts orig­i­nals to put together a really fine record.”

“After years being on the road, Pat Roberts' signature voice is known to be an Arizona staple. His echo- drenched twangy guitar playing, mixed with his impeccable rhythm section is tailored to swoon the most recalcitrant audience. This new album of true-and-tested numbers represents the band under its best of light.”