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“Wow, what an amazing year or should I say career, of the supremely talented and musically gifted Patrick Yandall, with his 20th music album to date Patrick never seems to stop, the guy is such a honor to write music reviews for. Patrick with his latest project called 10 South Riverside, the music is outstanding and Patrick brings his talent to the top with the first song on this album called Mr. Bean and the music flows right into your realm, wherever you are, it’s just incredibly awesome. The song has so much smoothness that it needs to be sold in jars at the local auto shop to wax and shine your ride. As I listened I realize that Patrick has been nominated several times for his amazingly superior craft of music and I personally believe that the Gods must be crazy, this guy. Patrick Yandall deserves not only to be nominated but actually winning. Patrick arrives with the next song on this marvelous and very articulate album the song called “Kona Boy” where there’s a island feel”

“Artist Name: Patrick Yandall Album Name: 10 South Riverside Label: Zangi Records Genre: Smooth Jazz Track Listing: 1. Mister Bean; 2. Kona Boy; 3. Breezin’; 4. Sunrise in Monroe; 5. Free Flight; 6. Thumbs Up; 7. 10 South Riverside; 8. Memory Lane; 9. Momma T; 10. It’s Always Been You; 11. Thunder Road; 12. Hermosa; 13. Albany Park; 14. Jump Back James Publicist: Self-promoted Review: Back in the day, when we were active in the San Diego jazz scene, we first came across a young guitarist named Patrick Yandall. We have followed his career progression over the years and with his latest release, he has truly attained the level of excellence that we knew he would eventually achieve. Over that period of time, he has recorded 20 albums, played to audiences around the world, and never lost his humility or friendliness. He is truly one of the best kept secrets of the San Diego jazz scene, and also one of their greatest musical talents. Put this one on when you wan”

“SMOOTH JAZZ RIDE REVIEW Patrick Yandall – 10 South Riverside Mar. 1, 2018 One of the most prolific, talented, and –in my opinion – somewhat unheralded guitarists in this jazz/smooth jazz genre is long-time artist Patrick Yandall. His smooth, textured sound and delivery have been recognized and appreciated enough for him to be featured in any all-star lineup of contemporary jazz artists anywhere. Yet, that distinction is not often bestowed upon him, despite having now cranked out 21 quality-filled albums and having received Grammy consideration in the “Contemporary Instrumental” category for his previous two releases. His music was once regularly featured on the former Weather Channel, as well. Here with 10 South Riverside, yet another gem (this cat can crank them out with blinding speed – meaning his library of unreleased material must be massive), the cool, unassuming masterfully skilled guitarist offers 14 more tracks, 13 originals and a magnificent cover of George Benso”

“He is at home in many genres. He lives his love of music in blues, rock, smooth jazz, contemporary jazz and more. You never know in advance what direction his next album goes. A Journey Home (2017) is Patrick Yandall's return to his roots. Patrick has written and produced all songs of the new project. The uplifting A Journey Home has the flavor of a sunny summer day. A hip melody with various instruments involved from guitar, horns to vintage organ. You never get a Second Chance for a first impression, but a musician always get the chance by writing new music. This song offers soul music with a retro savor. Route 56, also known as Kuhio Highway, is the main highway on the north and east shore of Kauai island. Cruising Kuhio Hwy is the aptly hymn for your next drive on this beautiful island. Intimate Request holds your attention for longer with alluring sounds. My Ride has a subtle blues infusion with the ideal connection of horns and guitar.On Spirit Moves Patrick eloquently plays the”

“Patrick Yandall “A Journey Home” Sept. 9, 2017 Review on “The Smooth Jazz Ride”Guitarist Patrick Yandall has been at this making-music-smooth-and-beautiful thing for many a year, often with great projects that don’t get the recognition that I personally feel they should. Here’s a man with not only killer guitar skills in several genres including smooth jazz, blues, R&B, fusion, and funk, but with a clear knowledge and understanding of the mechanics and intangibles of each and how they move that inner you to join the groove. With 20 albums dating back to the early 1990s, Yandall has not only staying power but is remarkably prolific, often times never letting more than a couple of years pass without offering a brand new release. His latest effort, A Journey Home, is buttery smooth and bouncy with that slick touch of funk he so often includes. Tracks include the snappy and catchy lead and title track (which features nice horn and organ arrangements), the mid-tempo kinda bluesy”

“Full of Surprises! Highly Recommended. By White Sun on November 14, 2016 Full of Surprises! Highly Recommended. On his new album Ethos, Patrick Yandall brings all of his musical genius to the table to create a genre-bending album full of surprises. We know that Yandall has created 19 CD’s and he has topped the charts both in America and abroad. But, we could not have expected how much we would love his most recent work. On “Shakedown”, we find a wildly funky upbeat jazz anthem full of Yandall’s trademark guitar virtuosity. “Make it Happen” blends a soft contemporary jazz song with a funky riffs and a keyboard that at times sounds like a gospel organ. My favorite on the album is “Ethos” with its rocking jazz melodies that make you want to hum along! This is the dance song for the party you’ll want to have when inspired by the tunes Mr. Yandall has created for us. When its time to wind down, we’ll listen to “Memories of You” ---a sweet, slow, melancholy jazz ball”

“5.0 out of 5 starsOutstanding! By Ricky Kej on October 3, 2016 Patrick Yandall's body of work is awe-inspiring and his ability to emote through his guitar is legendary! His superlative talent gets extra fillip with his accompanying musicians to form that seamless and captivating whole that this album is :-) Some of the tracks that I particularly loved are - "Ethos"...a very intricate and inspired piece of work with a nice swinging rhythm; "Say Goodbye", a very melancholic and melodic track with the smoothness of a rich drink :-), the funky and engaging melody in "My Sanctuary; a foot-tapping groove in "Shakedown" with excellent guitar tones. Yandall and his band of fantastically talented musicians bring out the magic in each and every track that one can get addicted to and keep on playing :-) :-) :-)”

“PATRICK YANDALL Ethos Zangi Records Now into his third incredible decade making crisp, tight and soulful electric guitar driven contemporary jazz, San Diego based award-winning composer and Zangi Records artist Patrick Yandall, chose the perfect name for his 17th international album: ETHOS. The term is a Greek reference to the power of music and its ability to touch listener’s emotions, behaviors and even morals. Yandall aims to do all that while bringing jazzy and melodic joy via the collection’s range of moods – from deep, thoughtful ballads to high energy, funk jams and a little joyful samba. Whatever the personal ETHOS you experience when you listen, you’ll be inspired every minute! ~JONATHAN WIDRAN”

“Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah!, what an album, yet another sizzlin' sensational album number 19 in fact by the amazing Mr. Patrick Yandall. Patrick, with his latest "Ethos" on this album you'll hear the powerful sounds that are just endless. Song after song Patrick puts his soul on the line with all the vibe actions you will actually feel. This album like all of his others bring you to the night club on a Saturday under the stars listening to one hot lick after another. On this album Patrick shows his integrity for playing awesome music throughout this album. Every song on this album is a certified "hit" song. On this album Ethos, Patrick flares up his guitar allowing you to hear jazz, funk, blues, R&B and soul and just soul grabbing music. Songs like "Peyton Place" which is a superb masterpiece of Patricks fine art of showcasing his guitar style. I really enjoyed the song "She's Fine" and "Waterfront Strut" these are truly an earful of superb licks and smooth sounding performances.”

“Patrick Yandall – Ethos Aug. 1, 2016 To express and emphasize how the Greeks believed the power of music could alter one’s emotions, behaviors, and even morals, guitarist/composer/producer Patrick Yandall continues to tantalize and delight as he offers 15 new tracks to his collection of solid C-jazz, R&B, Latin, and blues compositions with Ethos, his 19th release. Always one to mix and blend the musical cultures and colors of so many different genres, Yandall has one fine knack for going right into the soul and opening it up to the endless possibilities presented by his music. With his guitar always leading the way, singing its unique song and dancing its own way, the music is always expressive and embracing. Ethos is no different as it beckons your ear to partake of some real musical goodness. The lead track and feature single “Peytons Place” is a guaranteed charmer as it jumps off in that upbeat soulful, jazzy way that Yandall has mastered so well. Its hook is catchy and impr”

“Patrick Yandall, his new Album/CD , "Ethos", as you would expect, does not disappoint. Experimental vibes work with absolute precision, a mix of old school and polished muscianship, like you would want from an accomplished industry figure. Marks out of 10? A resounding 11 !”

“Guitarist Patrick Yandall serves with an amazing constancy and regularity the smooth jazz community with new releases. This year his new album is entitled Ethos. Ethos is the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. The Greeks believed the power of music could alter ones emotions, behaviors and even morals! On his new album Patrick is performing all instruments and has written all tracks. He also recorded and mastered the complete album at MoBop Studios San Diego. Good music doesn't need a special place and when Patrick calls the starter Peytons Place, then just to give the film in your head some nutrition. The tune is obviously influenced by Weather Report's Birdland. Based on a flowing rhythm Patrick creates a guitar whirlwind on Ethos caring for much atmosphere. Biggah Mo Bettah provides funky guitar voicing and textures in the style of Brothers Johnson. Carlos Santana's style but Patrick is not Santana, he makes it..”

“Just Played the new release "Ethos" and WOW,WOW,WOW I totally love it!!! Anything else I can do for this amazing album and you! David M. Snashfold from Smooth Jazz Appreciation Society”

"NOT SOUL SEARCHING"..SOUL GRINDING There are times when you think you heard all the music...not quite, upon listening the most recent work of Mr. Patrick Yandall entitled " Soul Grind" I was simply amazed and in a lot of WOW!! moments. The album has it all sound, soul and a lot of soul grinding music to boot. The album starts out with the song My lady that has a very smooth licking sound mixed with that jazz beat that is unmatched rhythm. it makes you feel good , my feeling I get is just kickin' back on a saturday and has the full flavor of the spectrum of jazz music defined. The album as a whole mixed with sounds of pop added to the strong feeling of really well produced and sounding jazz adds a great new sound and dimension to the already smooth sounds that you hear and allows your music pallet to come alive.The sound continues throughout this track and throughout the album. Patrick adds his touch of unique flare on one of the covers on this album, "Human Nature" th

“With Soul Grind Patrick sets new standards as a guitarist and composer. Fourteen songs or should I say fourteen arguments are speaking for themselves.”

“Patrick Yandall – Soul Grind Aug. 7, 2013 As an artist who has shown his versatility over the years by playing across genres and integrating grooves, veteran guitarist Patrick Yandall is back with another contemporary jazz gem entitled Soul Grind (due out on Sept. 3). Packing power and punch, this project is solid as a rock. Yandall’s music has been a consistent bag of class and sass for me for years. Utilizing guitars from the Fender Strat to the Gibson 335 to his Martin acoustic to his Ibanez custom AS93, the guitarist paints with multiple colors throughout this CD, as he has with others. Bouncing right out on the lead track “My Lady,” he firmly lays down the Yandall-style vibe that has kept him part of the contemporary jazz conversation for so long. He follows that with the tight and funky title track. His take on the Michael Jackson classic “Human Nature” is as clean and cool a version as I’ve ever heard. A master of slick chords and even slicker riffs, Yandall kn”

“Smooth Jazz Therapy has followed the career of guitarist Patrick Yandall since 2006 and the release of his excellent CD ‘Samoa Soul’. In fact this San Diego resident has been a solo artist since 1994 when he made his debut with ‘That Feels Nice’ and now, going on twenty years later, he is back with his fifteenth album, the decidedly tasty ‘Soul Grind’. Produced and engineered by Yandall (who also writes eleven of the fourteen (yes, fourteen) tracks) this is very much his own project and a resounding showcase for his art.it’s not too early to book your place at the CD launch event that will take place at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA on September 13.”

“The added tracks will be: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10. Again, Patrick - this is a great album, one of the BEST Smooth Jazz albums this year in my opinion.”

“Much like Yandall’s previous releases he limits cover versions to just a couple but in doing so makes two stunning selections. First he breathes new life into Dylan’s signature ‘All Along The Watchtower’ then comes completely out of left field with ‘Mood For A Day’, an instrumental piece by English rock band Yes. This classical guitar solo shows off a different side to Yandall’s musical persona yet in the final analysis there is nothing to better sum up what he is all about than the superb ‘Valentines Night’. In common with the entire CD the tune is tender, understated, beautifully performed and the perfect backdrop for spending time with the one you love. ”

“THE STREETJAZZ ' POWERPLAY CHART ' W/C January 30th 2012 PATRICK YANDALL new release "ACOUSTIC DREAMSCAPE"! Najee Perfect Nites Greg Adams & East Bay Soul To Catch A Thief Jay Stewart Living The LIfe Patrick Bradley Straight Path Eric Marienthal Get Here Rob Tardik Shakin' The House Nick Colionne The Connection Hart Ramsey In Spite Of Myself Drew Simpson On Fallen Ground”

“**The Window. So appropriately named. On this project, that “window” is once again opened wide enough for you to see all that Yandall is and has always been to not only our world of jazz but to the infinite world of music. A world of music so infinite that its challenge is always too much for Patrick Yandall to ignore, and he rises each time to successfully face that very challenge. — Ronald Jackson”

“Now with the #1 most added single on smooth Groove Jazz chart "Tower of Soul" from the brand new CD "The Window"on Innervision Records.”

“It’s hard to believe that this is Patrick Yandall’s 11th release it’s a collection of instrumental rock tracks! I have been hinting around this for years in my reviews. Patrick broke out the Strats and Telecasters and wailed away.”

“The Café has been hip to the San Diego axe-man for quite some time, a period during which Yandall has become firmly entrenched as a perennial favourite on our show. Elements of jazz and blues, which have long been hallmarks of his music.”

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“I received your CD today. Thank you. I put in in my car on the way back to the office. WOW! patrick very Impressive. I'll probablly keep listening to it for the next week straight. LOL, seriously, when I find a CD that I love, I keep listening to it...every track, over and over again. ”

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“A New Day is not limited to a pure date. It's a philosophical and historical attitude of mind. Patrick Yandall's A New Day is delicious and appealing. Exactly the nucleus of fine smooth jazz guitar music. ”

“If there is one musician whose style typifies the sun soaked vibe synonymous with the city of San Diego it is guitarist Patrick Yandall. ‘A New Day’, he has surpassed himself jam packed with some of the best contemporary jazz you will hear this year. For more go to www.patrickyandall.com”