Patrick Winsett and The Foolish Pride Band / Press

“Katherine Davis Dawson Foolish Pride Band together with Melissa Hembree was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G last night at Margarita Island!!! LOVED every song! What an awesome blend of music...great classic rock tunes, killer blues music, kick-butt country sounds, original songs by two phenomenally talented musicians and friends....we loved it ALL!! Melissa and Michelle h...ave voices that were made to sing together! Anyone who has not made it out to see them is in for a huge surprise. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE! Four hours at Margarita Island wasn't enough for us! We are making plans to hire them for a giant backyard party in the country soon. This band has massive appeal for all age groups! Anyone with a favorite "gathering spot for friends" should encourage the owners of the establishment to get them on the entertainment calendar.”

“Also enjoyed "Foolish Pride". Patrick has a unique sound reminds me a bit of Vince Gill with the high soothing tones. Buy this album it is a winner. You will keep coming back to it in your library over and over. Anxious to hear more from this band.”