Patrick McLaughlin / Press

“When you see him on stage he makes his guitar sing to you. He bends that guitar to his style – it has no choice.”

Miss Ella - Sister To The Blues

“These are cordial, understanding and experienced professionals with a depth of musical talent that allows them to craft a show to fit your specific audience. Whether you are booking for an annual festival or a more intimate monthly set of engagements, the negotiations are pleasant, reasonable and efficient.”

Ray Smith - Act2Artist Media

“Their diverse mix of traditional, contemporary and rock blues - influenced with doses of jazz and soul - that Patrick McLaughlin and company could be the ultimate crossover band.”

“Throughout the record the sound is fresh, clean and full of tone. The guitar tone and watching the turns they take are an adventure to behold.”

“He’s sure to be known for his own style, which is deliberate and focused.”

“The next great blues great isn’t from Chicago, Memphis, or the Mississippi Delta. He’s from Columbus, Ohio.”

“The guitar and vocals dig deep into the listener’s emotions, grabbing their attention and allowing them to get full glimpse of McLaughlin’s artistic soul.”

Matthew Warnock - Artist Review- Patrick McLaughlin

“The songs simply pop, as vivid and alive as songs should be-yet rarely are-in a genre called "electric blues." He isn't reinventing the wheel, but honestly, no one out there in music is. What he's doing is salvaging a genre of music that has been overplayed into irrelevancy, and making it special again. This one's a keeper. ”

“The soon to be released cd is a testament to a talent that may catapult central Ohio blues into the national spotlight.”

“The subtle way he and his band command an audience is merlinesque in it’s magic.”

“Patrick McLaughlin and his band play everything from raw and earthy deep blues with melancholy overtones to the more upbeat jazz blues. It was a welcome change to the typical bar and club scene. There was a definite organic feel to the sound that emanated through the air. It was refreshing and intoxicating at the same time. McLaughlin’s music has all the warmth and character of a finely aged scotch and goes down just as smooth.”

Andrea Leigh - The Examiner of Columbus

“I’ve come to admire Patrick’s musicianship and I can’t help but feel proud when I hear his name mentioned, as I’ve watched him continue to evolve from a blues/rock guitarist into a deep blues player, making effective use of dynamics, showmanship and the maturity. ”

“The Dolphin Lounge has been a mecca for live music in Gahanna. Even Slowhand has made the pilgrimage -- Eric Clapton gave an impromptu performance there a few years back -- and local blues favorites including Ray Fuller, Frank Harrison and Patrick McLaughlin have graced the Dolphin's stage”

Jesse Tigges - Columbus Alive

“The first place band winner of the Columbus event was Patrick McLaughlin. She said: This guy and his rhythm section smoked! They were great! In every song, every note was sharp as a tack. The vocals were good. The guitar playing was great. They deserved to win! ”