Patrick Kavaney/Sonic Bent/Dubious Rubes / Press

"This is my kind of album (Time Travel Memoirs). I love the groovy, quirky songs and the playing is great, including some particularly crazy ass guitar slinging throughout." -Al Toribio

Guitarist for Floydian Slips, Mexican Gunfight, The Rengade Saints

"The road to becoming Sonic Bent is long and winding. The self-described “progressive jam with a splash of cry-in-your-beer Americana” band — featuring Jeff Alberts (drums, vocals), Keenan Dorn (guitar, vocals), Noah Kamrat (bass, vocals) and Patrick Kavaney (guitar, vocals) — got its start in 2011. Founding members Kamrat and Kavaney (who met in middle school), however, have been carving the cross-country path to Sonic Bent, dabbling in other music outfits that laid the groundwork for this one, over decades. Sonic Bent, formerly congfigured as The Last Drags, now celebrates its CD release for Wander Through Dreams 9:30 pm Friday, Dec. 16, at Hi-Fi Music Hall’s lounge; $5, 21-plus. Eugene’s Ekko Base will also perform. Sonic Bent says it draws on influences like The Allman Brothers, The Band, The Grateful Dead and Radiohead, and that certainly comes through on Wander Through Dreams.

"They may be from Oregon, but they have that more southern sound down. Not as harsh as, say, southern rock, or as bland as modern country, they’re somewhere in-between, with a rich, full sound."

"Patrick Kavaney has put in the work. His sound is his own; familiar at times but absolutely unique among the huge number of Northwest Singer/Songwriters. Making this record was a pleasure... Many of the vocal tracks were done in three takes or less and there are some truly magical moments."

Ehren Ebbage, Producer and Acclaimed Northwest Musician

““Apocalypse” has a more evened-out, rootsy style, but he hasn’t abandoned a taste for experimentation."”

"Kavaney’s singing sounds a lot like Jon Bon Jovi, especially on his slower songs. But worry not: His songwriting aesthetic is firmly planted in the tasteful Americana of the current decade."

"Patrick Kavaney and the Last Drags’ debut album, Darning Socks for the Apocalypse, is 38 minutes of road trip-perfect grooves.."