Patrick Jaouen / Press

" ... a unique artist from New York who plays acoustic guitar and has musical roots in hip hop. His music has an interesting blend of sounds to offer for a wide audience to enjoy!"

“Patrick Jaouen's "Echo Echo" is a mellow and minor affair with a surprising amount of velocity. There is more momentum and sustained energy to be found in Jaouen's acoustic drive than in the bulk of the indie-leaning genre you would likely associate with him. The vocals are devoid of drama or over-emphasis. He doesn't try too hard. What's unique is the fact that Jaouen's music is transitional, as if his true sound is on the way. "Echo Echo" takes us on the adventure with the artist.”

“A brilliant artistic vision that is both inspired and inspiring. This collection takes you, with true purity of experience, emotion, and a visual fury, on a journey in search of a primal peace. These intellectual madmen murder their muses, for the purpose of preserving their memory. I followed and saw myself, as they pursued truth in an attempt to realize their ideal fantasy, which has become the depraved American Dream.”

“These two are a pair of visionaries for the 21st Century. Their creative musings are honest and passionate, raw and perceptive. They paint colorful masterpieces in word and veracity. I recommend you buy it and open to any page for a small voyage into the brains of the slightly mad and beautiful.”