Patrick Foreman & Family / Press

“COO of Returning Citizens Mag, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach Patrick Foreman is a force to be reckoned with right now. A stand-out single from the new project is the stunning He’s Able. Featuring incredible vocals from David Scott (The Sensational Gospel Tones of Williamsburg). A sublime and powerful album, creatively and emotionally crafted yet professionally presented every step of the way. Musically impressive regardless of genre or theme, yet inherently designed to express a clear connection to a higher power – a belief in something bigger. Well worth a listen as the new season swings into view.”

“Patrick Foreman & Family’s “I’m Calling on You” has that even energy praise, similar to James Fortune & FIYA’s “Live Through It,” and it has such pure worship, like Micah Stampley’s “Release Me – EP.” “I’m Calling on You” is highly recommended! At this point, I should tell you the standout tracks ‘I’m Calling on You,’ and ‘He’s Able’ are great for gospel playlists.”