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“Once in a while, a musician decides to look at his art from a new perspective and creates a masterpiece in the process. Patrick DeCoste is one of those musicians, bringing a new outlook on music and instrumental rock guitar...”

“His visceral live performances consistently left our crowds in awe. He was easily one of the most talked about artists we ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Patrick always had a huge impact on anyone who ever saw one of his live performances - he simply blew everyone away every night...”

“His guitar tone is just the right mixture of sweetness and the occassional touch of nasty that makes for a dynamic trip through varying levels of atmospheric. DeCoste's guitar is smooth as liquid - that occasionally boils...”

“This is instrumental guitar music at its best with technically brilliant performances and mature songwriting...”

“I recently listened to ('Inside The Unsaid') by guitarist Patrick DeCoste. He seems to stand out from many of the up and coming guitar heroes. His music is melodic and full of power. He has great technique but doesn't over use it and has a professional attitude and work ethic.”

“Patrick DeCoste, a Boston based guitarist, performed one week before appearing at Shea Stadium before thousands! The popularity of his episode has kept it in active rotation for the past year. A unique, versatile and intensely talented guitarist...”

“The first time I heard him play, he tore into his own compositions that seemed to blend rock with jazz and blues influences, all wrapped around tight grooves. All in all, DeCoste is truly an innovative guitarist with the ability to think on his feet and hold the stage on his own...”

“Patrick's command of the guitar plus his creativity lead to very refreshing material. He's an enthusiastic on-air guest who talks about what drives him musically and gives the listeners a glimpse of a guitar genious at work.”

“Never before have I come across a guitarist who puts as much thought and care into each note and each chord. DeCoste's attention to detail and commitment to magnificent playing is endless.”

“This kid is good. Whether you're a fan of instrumental music or not, you have to admit this guy knows his instrument...”

“All six tracks have something to offer and are intended for all those who are into the more melodic side of instrumental guitar music and I am definitely one of those; hence the high rating...”

“Patrick DeCoste's electrifying acoustic performance was one of the best we have had on 'Roots Rock Live(TM)'. Boston fans of Tim Reynolds and Leo Kottke have a new hometown hero!”

Roots Rock Live Television

“Fans of instrumental music will like this guitarist`s advanced demo CD, which surely has some Rock moments. This is quality stuff...”

"Patrick DeCoste is very rooted in Rock music. He has a great ear for chord voicings and progressions, as well as solos and melodies, and has a firm grasp of how to structure songs...

“Very talented with cool compositions... DeCoste is the perfect musician.”

“He is amazing. The solo acoustic ballad 'Premonition' is really great. In all honesty, it is beyond what gets played on the station. He stuff will definitely get play on 'The Last Scene Standing'.”

The Last Scene Standing: College Radio

“What is apparent in this work is that Patrick is armed with a superb set of hands, good control and an ear for melody that never plays second fiddle to guitar excess...”

“One of the 'Guitar Lords' most incredible guitar players, Patrick DeCoste promises amazing things in his work. Full of beautiful compositions of inspiration and feeling, DeCoste promises an excellent festival of melodic compositions with great quality and technical themes.”

Guitar Lords Online

“All aboard, we're off to guitar virtuoso land. Some songs in we switch to funky blues land and there are more changes as we go along; actually, it gets more tasteful much to my chagrin...”

“For several years, Patrick DeCoste has cultivated a fanatical fanbase in the Boston area. It's easy to see why. With praise high and a local buzz building, DeCoste released a high-flying guitar odyssey propelling him towards comparisons with legends Joe Satriani and Steve Vai...”

“My first reaction is... simply WOW! It's pure magic there... guitar wizardry. Finally I found something new and original (and) different if we compare it with what we hear in today's music. It is an honor to play his superb music in my country.”

“I was immediately impressed with the strength of his compositions and his confident playing. (He) has received much airplay on my show, and is a favorite with the listeners...”

“Patrick DeCoste has a unique approach to his music and soloing that's refreshing and engaging. I really like his song 'Love In Misery'... he also has a very positive attitude which is KEY in the business. I see good things on the horizon for this guitar player.”

“I really like what I hear! Obviously, (DeCoste) has great chops, a lot of ideas and great tone/feel. I've enjoyed listening to what I've heard so far...”

“A cool little CD filled with all kinds of instrumental guitar wizardry. Compared to Eric Johnson, Vai and Satriani and praised by top players like Gary Hoey, DeCoste's wide ranging approach to melody and rhythm offers something for all fans...”

“It's always nice to see an artist you supported ever since he was demoing 'growing up' and coming out with a full- length debut album. I was raving about the demo back then and things only got better since...”

“DeCoste's playing is a mixture of modesty and efficiency. He can and will rip it up he just won't make a big show out of it. DeCoste cashed the big check easily...”