Patrick D'Arcy / Press

"Ken pours his soul into every word he sings, every measure he plays, and the music of the Ne’er Duwels laughs, breathes, and aches with his dedication." "Patrick's Irish brogue on the songs he sings hark back to the wandering balladeers of old, and ties the bands’ music to its cultural roots." "Bryan’s subtle nuances add color and shadings to the weft on the Ne’er Duwels’ loom." "Forrest furnishes the heartbeat of the band, and he drives their sound with his modern, vibrant rhythms." "The hearth was laid and the blaze flourished into the Ne’er Duwels, with their own unique tone."

“The more you listen the more you realise what an accomplished recording it is. From some glorious Planxty numbers like Sí Beag Sí Mor/ Tabhair Dom Do Lámh to reels like The Copperplate/The Old Copperplate/The Bank of Ireland you get a real feel for the control and interpretation of the music that Patrick possesses. On the slow air Green Fields of America on B pipes he achieves great depth and emotion in the music. On Jigs like Cailleach an Airgid/Árd an Bhóthair/Cailín An Tí Mhoir, especially with headphones on, you get a real sense of the beauty of this instrument, its versatility and glorious sound in the hands of a great musician. He plays this set on D Pipes and it really skips along with a vibrant buzz. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraigh is another beautiful tune played on a D Low Whistle. It’s a great rendition and translates to "Were you at the Rock?" sourced from the singing of Seamus Ennis. It again displays a fantastic approach to slow airs which Patrick seems to ex”

“For some musicians and listeners, simplicity is everything. Patrick D’Arcy sets an example of how one instrument can give out so many layers to observe, savor and glorify. His simplistic use of the uilleann pipes, unadorned by other instruments sort of magnifies that soul of the instrument making its core radiate. Most of us usually take the drones for granted as our attention is focused on the play of notes and also interplay of other instruments. Patrick makes every angle of sound posses that bulk and electricity. I am amazed how beautiful the drones can be when your ears don’t process too much information.”