Patrick Carrico / Press

“Patrick Carrico is one of the southland's most promising young California-country artists. With a strong leaning toward Memphis-style rockabilly and Indie rock influence he combines it all to create a landscape of classic country sounds in the tradition of Dwight Yoakum. Through his original songs and as a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Patrick is a reminder of just how good a country artist can be when he carries his own vision and holds strong to the roots of American music. He is a three-time nominee for the 2014 L.A. Music Awards including Best Country Single of the Year("Barfly"), Best Musical Group of the Year and Social Media Artist of the Year. His second EP, Going to Town on Live On Analog Records will be released in June.”

“In true swamp rock form, Carrico evokes the essence of the Deep South”

"Their music's comfortable to blast through the speakers and not feel overpowered by. You'd have just as good of a time screaming the lyrics out the window as you would have it playing in the background as you multitask." - Fetesha N. Downs