Patresa Hartman / Press

"Hartman is proudly carrying the torch of the Iowa Sound that dates back decades. Artists like Greg Brown, Dave Moore and Bonnie Koloc should be happy to know that Hartman is continuing the roots tradition they established while cutting her own distinctive groove into the Iowa landscape."

“Hartman’s a clever writer, an honest story teller and a beautiful singer. This is an album that begs to be played.”

“Everything about Hartman’s music belies the strange trip that she’s taken to the stage. Her voice is so good; her songwriting is so tight. You can’t listen to her sing anything at all and not believe that she was born to it.”

"...the surprising joy of Hartman’s sound [is] soul. Without succumbing to the vocal acrobatics that are pretty standard in music today..., Patresa takes us to church in her vocals just enough to let you know what she’s capable of without being braggadocious."

“She brings a litany of strengths to the table, foremost of which is a true gift for songwriting. A competent guitar player blessed with a beautiful, understated voice, Hartman’s lyrics drive right to her listeners’ hearts and play upon experiences and insecurities that we’ve all seen to some degree.”

“[Follow link to live video of "Borrowed Name" at Wooly's, July 9, 2013.]”

"Don’t be fooled by Patresa Hartman’s humble grace and self-effacing charm; this talent is a force to be reckoned with. Both her lyrics and her energy are infused with honesty, poetry, and artistry that are rare finds in today’s musicians."

"But the real revelation of the evening was Hartman. The evening’s humble, self-deprecating host also showed herself to be a charming performer and an adept songwriter."