Pat Pepin / Press

“...with Pat Pepin, her latest CD, In It For The Long Haul, is more than deserving to be heard. As I write this, it has been selected as one of the four finalist in The Blues Foundation’s 2010 Best Self-Produced CD competition and a new video for her song “Living At Wal-Mart” that is storming through YouTube.com with plays and downloads.”

“By now it’s evident that Pepin has far more talents than dozens of better-known female Caucasian Blues artists. The real test comes with “Sunday Kind Of Love” and she scores big points with relaxed vocals and moody sax work. Very few other artists could pull this one off. One can easily picture her bringing a Festival crowd to their feet.”

“Pat Pepin is an accomplished musician with a knack for writing some great songs and playing some mean sax. This self-released CD is her third and it is a fun and interesting set of a dozen tunes, eight of which were penned by her and another jointly authored by her and EG Kight.”

“Pat Pepin YouTube "Living at Walmart" video goes viral! In excess of 22,500 views in less than 3 months. Come see why!”

“Pat Pepin awarded 2009 Top East Coast Blues Album/Female Artist for her album "In It For the Long Haul"”

“Anyone who knows Pat Pepin knows that she REALLY is "In It For the Long Haul". She is a fully committed songwriter, singer, musician and entertainer. Pat writes stories of life, love, joy, and sadness, above all else, Pat Pepin is a storyteller.”

“In It For the Long Haul" is not just the name of Pat Pepin's latest release. They are the very words that she lives by and it's a phrase she confidently uses to describe her career in the music business.”