Pat Lamanna / Press

“The guest speaker who I am choosing to speak about was the one who influenced me the most and her name is Pat Lamanna. She in some aspects is just an average woman who enjoys playing the guitar and singing. However she utilizes her talents to speak and present others with the concept of spreading peace and love through song. She sang songs that showed hard times and also songs that showed love for one another my personal favorite was her interpretation of John Lennon’s Imagine because you can hear the hope in her voice during all aspects of that song... While not every person in our class might have felt as moved as I did during her performance as mentioned before in this answer it only requires one person to make a difference and to start the snowball effect. So for that I appreciated her willingness to share her voice which brought sunshine on a cloudy spring day!””

Student in Peace Psychology class at Central Connecticut State University - Final exam

“Pat, I just wanted to thank you again for the service you gave to us. I love services with singing, and the fact that you included songs that we could sing along to made it even better! I have two of your CDs (from the last time you were down here), and I'll be playing them a lot this week (and beyond!).”

Deb Bonar - Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore

“I ... wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed listening to your CDs on our ride home Sunday. You’re a lovely singer and a fine songwriter. I especially wanted to compliment one of your songs which struck me as particularly fine—virtually perfect, in fact. “Just One More Time” is beautifully crafted and touches the heart. As a fellow songwriter, I salute you.”

Shelley Posen - Finest Kind

“When Pat comes to the mic at People's Music Network gatherings or elsewhere, folks always pay extra attention. They've learned to expect something special -- thoughtful, touching, often FUNNY -- never disappointing. Yes, she writes great lyric-driven songs and performs them beautifully. You'll probably want to play this album many times. This one hour gem of a CD has 16 fine very singable numbers, expertly performed by Pat and a dozen other talented musicians... Happy listening (and singing along). ---Sol Weber”

“We enjoyed your CDs on the way home; well crafted words and well sung.”

Ian Robb - Finest Kind

"Pat's songs are thoughtful and truthful."

Cindy Mangsen

"One of the finest singers in Dutchess County!"

Pete Seeger

"Really listenable songs that actually say something worth hearing!"

Sonny Ochs - WIOX

“Pat's lyrics evoke common situations, but do so in a sweet and elegant way, and with a true sense of the musicality of the words themselves. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Pat's guitar chops are tight and solid, and her voice evokes Judy Collins and Pete Seeger in one fell swoop. What a treat it is to have welcomed Pat into our studio!”

Station Manager Doug Finn - FCAT-TV