Patch & The Giant / Press

“These lovely people never fail to impress with their energy, not to mention their ability to get the whole room on their feet and dancing, an admittedly rare phenomena to come across these days”

“A band you should make an effort to catch. ”

Folk Radio UK

“Described as folk? It’s more than that. More alternative, more alive and more crazy...our seven friends have embarked on a rickety raft, swamped by both wacky and traditional instruments..trumpet, mandolin, percussion, guitars, accordion, violin, harmonica, embellished with vocal harmony...”

Mixed Tape

“Patch and the Giant are one of London’s biggest folk bands – in a very literal sense. Their eight piece line-up involves a string trio, a one-girl brass section, the happiest man in England and, completely unrelated, the loudest. And that’s not even all members accounted for! You’ll struggle to find a band that has more fun onstage together…”

Folkroom Records

“Fantastically energetic and foot-stomping, it comes as a great surprise that they have only been together for less than a year. Their maturity and understanding of their instruments would suggest a much greater time spent together, but this can only illustrate the talent of this super seven.”

“North London based crew come along with quaint instrumentals, fireside melodies and, to be honest, a good old winter warmer. Give me a pint, a pub and Patch & the Giant and I’ll be sitting pretty for hours”


“Rough-edged folk”