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Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter / Press

“It may be cold here in Canada's north but your tracks are HOT, and warming things up! ... Xenicus ”


“Dropping by for another listen today... 'I'm On Hold For You' is really nicely done Pat, first class work. - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Revebnation

“take your time *I'M ON HOLD FOR YOU * signature Pat Branch groove whose love of composing electric productions shines through!!!”

ECOLOGYNGLE - Revebnation

“An absolute class act...Pat Branch....really great tunes too...”

Maestro Mikail Alexander - Revebnation

“Pat, I've listened to "I'm On Hold For You" several times now. Great work! Very well composed and catchy as hell. I find myself humming the melody. And oh yeah...of course the guitar solo was tasty!”

Unified Past - Revebnation

“This is very different from your other tracks, but wow !!!!!!! I love it Pat !!!!!! Great song !!!! and this lady has an incredibly good voice !!!! Very nice Guitar break !!! and as always your playing superb !!”


“I'M ON HOLD FOR YOU is fabulous Pat....you are thee songwriter brother.”

Auriemma - Revebnation

“SAY, PB, NICE Job on "BAD GIRLS!" From the GET-GO. GREAT Groove Got Full Punch and Soundstage Nice "room" for the VX - Clean! RIDE, Daddy, Ride! Very Best, Cooper ”


“SAY, PB, NICE Job on "BAD GIRLS!" From the GET-GO. GREAT Groove Got Full Punch and Soundstage Nice "room" for the VX - Clean! RIDE, Daddy, Ride! Very Best, Cooper ”


“SAY, PB, NICE Job on "BAD GIRLS!" From the GET-GO. GREAT Groove Got Full Punch and Soundstage Nice "room" for the VX - Clean! RIDE, Daddy, Ride! Very Best, Cooper ”


“SAY, PB, NICE Job on "BAD GIRLS!" From the GET-GO. GREAT Groove Got Full Punch and Soundstage Nice "room" for the VX - Clean! RIDE, Daddy, Ride! Very Best, Cooper ”


“4 power Pat Pack? Makes sense to me... I'm in!”

RICK HALL - Reverbnatiom

"Come Down Crashing" has an kickin' pop/rock feel to it. All of these songs do. The music is VERY well written and intelligently arranged. But when it comes down to it, Pat's music is totally FUN and totally ROCKS!

James Michael Skein - Revebnation

“You sir, are a true PRO, that's for sure. The Power-Pop King! You really are good at what you do. I appreciate your abilities and attention to detail (that SO many others miss - arrangements/accents....”

James Michael Skein - Reverbnation

“Keep the great works coming my friend..\m/\m/”


“Pat you are amazing! AND everyone on RN loves you!! ~”

ZOE ANN - Reverbnation

“Guess why I'm here Mr. Songwriter Extraordinaire?”

Robert Machado - Reverbnation

“Loving the music! Especially "Come Down Crashing"! Keep making great music!”

ALPHA PHUNK - Reverbnation

“Just listening to the tunes, well written and great guitar drive in the top two songs! Thanks for your friendship here, all the best, Mike - SS”


“Pat you are one of my all time favorites that I have found here on Reverbnation and i am a huge fan.... Your friend, Justin”

Justin Langston - Reverbnation

“Hey Buddie, You have become a Large Part Of Our Family and You Know Who We All Are. We Really Admire Your Work and Your Friendship and Support. Your Buddie!! Jimmy”

JIMMY DEAN BROOKS - Reverbnation

“Great music! Excellent songwriting!”

SOPHI - Reverbnation

“I see how you encourage others.. I love that, and I salute you.”


“Your a excellent songwriter Pat,these are really well written and performed masterpieces,with strong soulful vocals,fantastic fretwork and a unbeliveable tight rhythm section,making for a absolutley awesome listening experience !!!”

The Billy Button Alternative - REVERBNATION

“Happy to be a huge fan of Pat Branch and his timeless classic music * Thanks for rocking our day! loving cheers *”


“Pat Branch and NYC are where our heart and the beat is * love & hugs for rocking our world *”

ECOLOGYNGLE - Reverbnation

“So, when are you going to write about the good girls!? We always get what we want too!”

Deborah Piro - Reverbnation

“Got It For You Bad? Don`t you guys play for the Letterman Shows?:) Damn Pro Stuff!”

Dee Solo Artist - Reverbnation

“Bloody amazing music here! The cream at the top of the RN crop!!!!!!!!!!”

Mr. Frenzy - Reverbnation

“Back again to this awesome page for some awesome music! Highly, Highly, HIGHLY Recommended rockin' listening!!! May 09”

PHLASH TANTRUM - Reverbnation

“This is one hell of a set of tunes...Bravo my man, Bravo!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“: Come Down Crashing! Cool track Pat! All the best from London. ”

John Moukarzel - Reverbnation

“Pat B in NYC ~ brilliant!! Sending you my warmest regards & thank you for your friendship, Andrew”

Andrew Austin - Reverbnation

“To the topper most of the popper most, our fav pop band in NYC. TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“Every song here is really cool. Great vocals/players and the songs are played so well. What bass/drums on these tunes as well. Wayne”

Wayne Sanelli - Reverbnation

“Your music's sounding good...If you ever need production in Boston let me know! In 2010--I've produced, recorded and/or mixed over 100 songs for various artists from Boston to New Orleans and more! MC Holy Ghost”

MC HOLY GHOST - Reverbnation

“amazing music, loveeeeeeeeee it ♥ ♥ ♥”

VOID INN - Revebnation

“Hi Pat ,im rocking up a quiet sunday with your great music”

Giles Matthews - Revebnation

“Nah. You're not a "Bass Player", You're a REALLY GOOD Bass Player! Totally the "Backbone" of both"BAD GIRLS" and "LIES"; more the Lead than the six-lead. Vocal quality and Timbre on "BAD GIRLS" is right up with the early Cyndi Lauper (Blue Angel days, mid 80's, NYC), with the Bass as bedrock - straight through. If that's your pen on these performances, you've got a fine Gift. To me, "LIES" is Studio READY, right now. Here's to You and God's Speed. Highest Compliments and Regards, Cooper ”

RT Cooper - Reverbnation

“Pat Branch lights NY on fire with his powerful melodic music....”

Fred Bender - Reverbnation

“Nobody writes songs that are tighter, or rival the energetic intensity of those penned by Pat Branch. The man is an absolute master! Nov 15 ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

"Lies" is indeed a song which doesn't leave my brain. If I get relaxed or distracted I begin to sing it without realizing it. Really good song.

Time Travellers - Reverbnation

“PAT, PAT, PAT - Dude your song writing ability is insane, ive been back on this page more times than i visit my own - Seriously amazing sounds dude”

Attemp2 - Reverbnation

“When you take a look at the charts,no need to explain why he's at the top ! Just listen to his music ! ;) A fabulous songwriter and person ! Best of luck for your next projects ! ”

666 Days With The Devil - Reverbnation

“Wow, talk about tight music! We really dig your tunes, Pat, especially "Lies". Very radio worthy. This is better than a lot of the crap that's on the radio now. Keep up the good work! Nov 14 ”

NUDE ON THE RADIO - Reverbnation

“Here's to hoping that Bad BOYS Always Get What They Want too. ”

Stankbot Tyranny - Reverbnation

“Wow, #2 Pop charts for NY, NY..that's quite an accomplishment! But no doubt, you really have some great material on here. Thanks for the add and the message! I'll be following you and will suggest you to others! EOTB ”


“Besides Pat's great talent. One of the nicest friends to have on your side.”

Fred Bender - Reverbnation

“I tell you no "Lies", you will definitely not "Come down Crashing" when listening to Mr Branch! We "Got it for you Bad" Patty! .... and I'm not a "Bad Girl" either! ”

Deborah Pira - ReverbNation

“Pure quality sounds Pat, many thanks for connecting! Tim ”

Undermain Projekt - Reverbnation

“New York is definitely built on solid rock foundations and you Pat are a chief architect keep the city planning rolling for a most picturesque and blissful 2011, Peace, Love, Sound and Vision,Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“I must say Pat is one of the premire artist here at R/N and its always a joy to return to this page over and over! ”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“Pat Branch is an alien from outer space. Nobody does pop on this planet like this. ”


“great sounding tracks pat! very proffessional, great hooks and very addictive!. Nov 14 ”

Richard Dale - Reverbnation

“Pat you are an exceptional songwriter/musician! I'll be hitting this page a lot! Great tunes! ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation


Richard Vest - Reverbnation

“Great tunes Pat, you Rock!!! ”

Yolanda Foxx - Reverbnation


Nico Minescu - Reverbnation

“Fantastic...truly entertaining Nov 12 ”

Usheda - Reverbnation

“Hi Pat ,it is an honor to know you here at R/N its people like you that make this place so much fun! Nov 12 ”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“Right on Pat ,,, All Pro tracks ,,, a great listen ,, cheers from Vegas ”

Richard Johnston - Reverbnation

“Go Pat Go! "I Got It Bad For You" Rules! xoxo, Cat”

Cat Mclean - Reverbnation

“You got what it takes Pat! Talent, songs, ambition! love you! xoxo, Cat Nov 01”

Cat Mclean - ReverbNation

“And I don't just write a comment, I LISTEN with great pleasure) Loving your tunes, getting an awesome mood from them! And I get young at heart again with your songs! Hugs and kisses!) ”

Bella Sky - ReverbNation

“A great Bass player, you are. very cool,it is ! and Dance my Ass off, I will. Love your tunes, I do. Peace be unto you. ”

YODA on BASS - ReverbNation

“Really like 'Got It For You Bad' ... strong pop beat, sweet harmonies, meaningful lyrics and, of course, very clean guitar. Keep up the great work, Greg Charles ”

A Nice Vibe - ReverbNation

“Hey, Pat My Fav is Bad Girls & Lie's This Stuff should be on the Radio..Best of Luck The Door getting ready to Open.. Oct 26 ”

Tony Lawrence and Aron Tyler - Reverbnation

“Pat.....You have some great things I see here on you site...Nice Job and wishing you only the best on your journey...Your friend........Justin Langston Oct 26 ”

Justin Langston - ReverbNation

“The best of the best!!!!!!!! Oct 26 ”


“As I said, I listened to your stuff. And I won't be long to say what I have to say about your songs... I believe all is inserted in the following sentence: "My perception of Rock bristles inside my brain when I listen to your music, and it whispers to me: this, my friend, is the real rock n roll." Keep in touch, John Greff ”

The Time Travellers - REVERBNATION

"come down crashing"...i feel that! great job... Sync Q Oct 26

Sync Q - ReverbNation

“Lies is excellent pop writing bro :)”

Pat Savage - Reverbnation

“Hey Pat! Your knack for writing pop themes with such class is a great attribute of your exceptional musicianship...textbook songwriting for those who need an example!”

Bon Ton Key Club - Reverbnation

“Lies Rule, nice work my friend:-)”

Cat Mclean - Reverbnation

“Pat is one the most gifted writers in the business! "Lies" says it all a power HOOK, ass kicking BASS. Pat Rocks, Plus he was my first fan I'll never forget him. ”

Roget - Reverbnation