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“Pass Of Aggression: I always mention that the hardest job of a band is getting the crowd going. The true test of a band is how they sound live. Pass Of Aggression got the crowd fired up their sound is unique. If you like hearing people spitting rhymes with hard rock music playing you’ll love their show live. This band reminded me of Cypress Hill a little bit. When I checked youtube after the concert I noticed they did a cover song of Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Brain,” I like the cover song. A few others that I liked of Pass Of Aggression were “Empathy”, “Anewstart”, and “A.D.D.” They sounded better live and really rocked for the first band on stage.”

““I want all you bitches to hate me! The more that you talk, the bigger legend you make me!” Pass of Aggression’s John Lee screams at the end of “Aether,” the second song on this rapid-fire six-song EP where the intentionally controversial MC welcomes all haters. Before getting there they’ll have to barrel through “1000X,” a runaway freight train of an opener that, short of derailing from its awesome accelerating and alternating rhythms, throttles listeners up to sped on the confrontational, but inarguably original, rap-rock sound of the band formerly known as Vintage. The EP then tears through its tight 18 minutes in what feels like less, ending with a growl-heavy cover of Cypress Hill’s classic “Insane In The Brain.””

“It goes without saying that the Grand Rapids rap-rock band Pass of Aggression are angry. Their name speaks for itself. But for the four-piece, formerly known as Vintage since starting out in 2004, their anger comes from their frustration with a local music scene they find "low in strength" and a music culture that has widely turned its back on their style of music.”

"We want to try to be tighter and better than we were before and bring something that Grand Rapids hasn't seen," said lead singer John Lee about the learning experience. "A lot of the Heavyweight Champions of the past have been

“Vintage interview by Nick Stephenson Years from now, when Vintage is rich and famous, the band will be thanking guitarist Steve Shelley for not giving up.”