Pasquale Talarico / Press

“an excellent project it is. I am very impressed with the faith in the songs, penned by Pasquale, and in the professional quality of the recording project. This is the kind of music that we need. ”

“Pasquale, You are truly a man of GOD! Thank you for being a part of my life, My children's lives and everyone's life that you come in contact with!”

Tammy Mansir - All For God Ministries

“The Lord has blessed you Pasquale!! He has blessed me as a Youth Minister to know you and be inspired by you. He has blessed my youth that they have you as a source of spirit and fellowship. He has blessed my Friar who has you to lead him daily in ministry. Blessings to you and your family. May the faith we all have in you inspire you to continuing writing and bring us much much more music. ”

Natalie Espada - YOUTH MINISTER

“Awesome gift of music! ”

Kelli Burr - LIFE TEEN INT.

“Beautiful music...we need more music like this that has a positive message for all of us...instead of the terrible stuff that our teens are listening to these days. God bless you on your journey... ”

Tina Vore - Holy Family Church - .

“Wow....I am a huge fan of worship music and you guys can really glorify the Lord! Keep it up...God bless you all!”

Katie Ghrist - .