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“CB: In your performances you become almost a mythical creature of sorts a hybrid of human, nature and even a demi goddess, how did you come up with the character you transform into? Parvati: Inspiration in itself is a magical thing. I feel I am in service to a force that moves through me. I trust it implicitly, feeling rooted, vital and expansive when creating. To me creativity is the very force of life itself, so it flows when I get out of the way.”

“COVER STORY: Parvati, a Canadian musical artist and yoga instructor, took a courageous journey to the North Pole. Parvati’s mission was to bring awareness of the urgent ecological effect of melting polar ice caps. Charged with purity of heart, clear intention, and the willingness to serve, Parvati has become the first artist to ever perform this far North. There, she offered her songs to help raise awareness of just how quickly the ice caps are disappearing and the powerful impact this is having on the entire planet.”

“Experience an astonishing blend of devotion and delicious dance grooves with Canadian songstress Parvati's compelling debut album "YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub". Her angelic vocals float above an adventuresome exploration of traditional Sanskrit chants and delightfully refreshing pop songs. It is no wonder that Parvati is topping the charts in her Canadian homeland: a promising start to an inspired new artist.”

Yoga Magazine UK

“The process of creating “Yoga In the Nightclub”, the title track of my new album “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, was a yogic experience for me. A spontaneous, expansive and rooted arising from my soul, it expresses the celebration of merging with the divine while in human form. “Yoga In the Nightclub” is not hatha yoga. It is a way for me as an artist and yogini to inspire and plant the seeds of possibility. The presence of expansion and spiritual transformation exist within the very fabric of sound.”

Parvati - Yoga and Health (UK)

“With the tragic events of 9/11 being ten years past, the writer looked at the various ways people expressed their sorrows looking for closure and truth after all these years. One performer stuck out with her new phase on her journey through life and there we found a song. "You Gotta Believe" Parvati is a unique performer, bringing her messages to the public through her songs and unique performances; she has been the first at making her visions and dreams a reality to share with the children of "Mother Earth". Cashbox has not only watched her shows but also her adventures, documenting her trip to the North Pole and the first concert performed on the barren but beautiful wasteland. Parvati performs a song she wrote for 9/11. 10 years ago. Parvati was at the piano, she was called by her father to see the twin towers fall live. Filled with emotion she went back to the piano and this song "You Gotta Believe" was born. She sang this song at Madison Square Garden.”

“I have always felt a strong connection to the Earth, to Nature as a whole and to unseen energies. I am by far not alone in this. Many are acutely aware that our planet, a living organism, is now going through a healing that affects us all, because we are literally part of her. During the summer of 2010, while I was living in Toronto, Canada, the unusually hot weather patterns led me to cancel my pending Asian music tour and, by September of that same year, travel to the North Pole to raise awareness of the quickly melting polar ice caps. At the top of the world I performed and shot video for four of my songs as the northernmost performer ever to help raise awareness of our planetary interconnection, our need for conscious awakening and our ecological responsibility. ”

Parvati - Transformation Magazine

“Whether you are on the road, on stage or in the studio, yoga and meditation can provide you with simple, effective tools to help you get the most out of your valuable life-energy and time. Think: less effort, maximum gain. As a singer-songwriter, performer and producer who is heavily into yoga (ok, I am currently working on a book, working title “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie” – yes, I am seriously into it), I will share some of the amazing things yoga gives me on a daily basis as I face the extreme and unique demands of the full-on music business. From tips for keeping you fit and centered when touring, to how dealing with performance jitters and how to avoid that sore back you get from too much computer work, I have been living it all, ran into walls and had to find my way out, thankfully, through the life-saving practice of yoga and meditation.”

Parvati - Canadian Musician