Particle Son / Press

“If you have never been to a Hanzel Und Gretyl show, BE THERE NEXT TIME! And for Particle Son and Murder Weapons, I cannot wait to see them play again; two very cool bands who have earned a new fan!”

“It was my pleasure to conduct an interview with Nova Elite artist Particle Son... Thank you very much Vex March and Jared Scott for taking time out to answer a few of my questions... I am thrilled to share them with everyone else and hope this gives you a glimpse into the inspiration and passion behind, "The Corrupter"....”

“From Portland, Oregon Vex March, Jared Scott and Sandi Leeper leads listeners down a road familiar to fans of Ministry, fear Factory, Orbital, Revolting Cocks and the like. Although I can’t understand some of the lyrics I do get the idea they enjoy subjects such as the cycle of life and death, metaphysics from perhaps a darker or deeper angle and, of course, politics. Although this isn’t my style I can appreciate the sort of mechanism this style of industrial music is. There is definitely variety from the four tracks offered on this EP. I guess what’s most wicked is the effect Vex uses on his vocals. I can say I was a huge fan of Ministry for their “Psalm 69”album and a so-so fan of Nine Inch Nails. But Particle Son is nothing really like NIN and not a close match of this particular Ministry album. Since I blared “Psalm 69” at around at least a 9 I’d say fans of this genre could find an easy 7 or higher!”

“http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=57 One of the first Particle Son Interviews ever conducted and conducted by Nina and originally published in Fabryka Magazine”