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“Live interview with Susan and Clayton Park of the Parkolators.”

“Rick: Who or what inspired you to take up music? Susan: I think some things in life are predestined. I wanted to be like Elton John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin, so I began writing lyrics at age 9, wrote my first complete song by age 11 and co-wrote and copyrighted a song with a friend by age 16. But I couldn't sing or play an instrument very well at the time.”

"Probably the best original song to come out of Daytona Beach in many, many years..." announcement before debuting our song "Undercover Rock Star" on his radio show.

Wyatt Davis - WELE 1380 Music radio show

“Rick: Who or what inspired you to take up music? Clayton: Watching with surprise and envy in the fifth grade as a classmate performed in a rock band with his older brothers at our grade school talent show.”