Parker Bradway / Press

“Parker Bradway is everything Southern Tide loves in an aspiring musician: a great story, an authentic sound, and of course an avid Southern Tide fan.”

"Parker Bradway is so awesome! We were lucky enough to get him to play at our sorority function and everyone fell in love with his voice and style. I can honestly say he was one of the best bands we've ever had. We could not have had such a great function without him! He truly is a talented guy!" - ADPi, University of South Carolina

ADPi, University of South Carolina

"This month, one of our featured performers will be moving to Nashville after he graduates from Wake Forest this spring! For those of you who've heard him perform his songs, you know that once he gets to Nashville, it wont' be long before he will be on his way to the top as a performer/songwriter! You got to hear him on the December showcase that blew the crowd away. You loved him then, and here's your chance to see his final performance with us before he moves away. The one and only: Parker Bradway !!"