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“Strange folk: Paris Motel Constantly changing direction, personel and location, Amy May's troupe look to women of ill repute for inspiration Perpetually expanding and contracting, Paris Motel can mean a five-piece celestial folk-pop band one day and a 50-strong orchestral collective the next. It all depends on the whims of Amy May, the classically trained bandleader who composes different arrangements for each gig and provides a wind under which the throng of players and instruments can take shelter. "We've got a core group of musicians now though," she explains, on a rare day off. "It was me, Joe, Mike and a couple of other friends of ours and musical love blossomed and off we went. That was about two years ago." Resolving to do things independently, Amy and drummer Joe Smith set up the Hotel label in 2005 to release their six track EP 071. Now she is set to take her wraithlike vocals back in time with their debut full length, In The Salpetriere album... (for more see band website).”

Dazed and confused

“Voted 'best of the past four weeks' by NME, 21.1.06 "Paris Motel's debut EP shouldn't have been born into a world of iPods and file-sharing. The ethereal masterpiece, created by the classically trained Amy May, would be more comfortable echoing from a dusty gramophone in an empty hotel room. It's a beautiful slice of archaic chamber-pop that lifts you somewhere sublime, and from 'Mr Splitfoot's Victorian freakshow of twisted strings and demonic organ to 071's courtly guitar pics and breathy whispers (the most beautiful song ever written?) the only downside is that after a meagre 20 minutes it drops you back down on your arse in the real world"”


“(071 EP) "A home recorded bolt from the blue. The heavenly vocals and plucked strings of opening track 'I lost my heart/Philippe Philippe' shimmer like Moon River, while the a capella 'Parting is such sweet sorrow' is almost like a chain-gang spiritual delivered by a cut-glass British accent - impossibly lovely. A fully formed slice of orchestral pop.****"”


“Lovely piece from Revenant media: http://www.revenantmedia.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2401&Itemid=47”


“Live: "une expérience fantasmatique" http://www.froggydelight.com/article-4738-Paris_Motel.html”

Froggys Delight

“(First album) What's on the NME stereo feature: "As whimsical as a flouncy dress. As London as the banks of the Thames.This yearning ballad swoops and soars and, err, yearns".”


"Expect anything from an exquisite solo performance to a full-blown orchestra as Amy May, the first lady of ethereal melody with a voice like Lemsip in a bone-china teacup sets out on the road to entertain and enchant"


“(In the Salpetriere album) Stunning debut from the classically trained Amy May and her ensemble is a gem of dreamy sounds which combine ethereal and cinematic cadences with charming pop sensibilities. It's one of the most stunning and intelligent DIY releases for some time, and they're dazzling live, too. ****"”


“(071 EP) This sublime mini-album combines lushly orchestrated chamber pop with an underlying melancholic twist. It is the brainchild of classically trained Amy May, whose laconic vocals prove irresistible. The band will be enlisting local musicians at SXSW and will surely prove to be a highlight.”

Owen Lawrence - Music Week

"if there's a soundtrack to ease you out of despair, we can't think of a better one than London's Paris Motel. They're Serge Gainsbourg! They're Belle & Sebastian! They're the sound of long-slain noble knights rutting round with the ghosts of fairies in Scottish castles! They're the sound of romance"

James McMahon - NME

"A beautiful slice of archaic chamber pop that lifts you somewhere more sublime"