Paranoid Social Club / Press

“Axis IV - Paranoid Social Club Is it punk? Is it indie pop? Heavy rock? Worldy ska-licious psychedelic? Some terrific melding of all the above… that’s what it is.”

“CD Review: Paranoid Social Club's 'Axis IV' will turn heads, blow minds The CD brims with confidence and is fluent in many rock dialects.”

“Well, it took almost six years, but Axis IV is finally here. The new full-length from Portland, Maine’s Paranoid Social Club is one of the most exciting and refreshing releases of the year. Now a four-piece, the band sounds bigger, tighter and more focused. The raw grit and energy of the first three Axis albums have been harnessed and channeled into eleven new tracks that showcase the band’s diversity, talent and unique vision.”

“Paranoid Social Club really are out to get you. Club-house rules”