““LIYAB”: Paramita on Fire PARAMITA released their 3rd independent album entitled “LIYAB” in all Odyssey outlets under Blaster Music. “Liyab” boasts 10 original tracks wherein the band evolves their sound, straying from their previous releases “Paramita” (2008) and “Tala” (2005). “This time, we tried to incorporate our individual musical influences, this resulted into a more-intense and hard hitting Paramita, but we still kept our core sound”, says Ria Bautista (Drummer/Lead Vocalist). The band states that the song arrangements of “Liyab” are somewhat a risk as their listeners are not used to hearing Paramita this way. But the band remains confident that their core following will accept the changes Paramita has undergone these past 6 years in the music scene. “Liyab” hit Odyssey outlets last August and is now distributed nationwide thanks to the partnership of Blaster Music and Odysseylive.”

Blaster Music News Room - PARAMITA on FIRE