Parallels and Lies / Press

“A sophisticated take on electronica, the piano melodies and harmonies sound less digital than they do acoustic, a testament to the band’s production skills. Singer Danielle Harrity has the perfect pipes for this genre, pitting her lush and bold vocals against melancholy melodies, giving the track versatility. Jam to it. Study to it. Cry to it. Run to it. Listen to it.”

“'Supernova' was aptly chosen as the album’s first single, as it is indicative of Parallels and Lies’ otherworldly style. The song’s title is terribly appropriate as it immediately seems to transport you to another realm. Harrity’s bright, crystal-clear vocals are not overly drenched in effects, but instead sound powerfully lush, raw, and untamed. A strange sense of mystery pervades the song’s lyrics and music, twisting and turning through alternating dark and light. Combined with strong production skills which allow the melodies to flourish without an excessive amount of effects layered on top of them, the haunting, breathy vocals are wholly captivating.”

“I would give this album a 4/5 stars. It is a great sophomore album from this group and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future. This album is going to be released on October 24th.”

“Hibernation is here! Parallels and Lies' fans can finally sit back and rejoice in the magic of this long awaited album. It's haunting melodies and memorizing vocals will take you on a journey through the pain and the passion that went into creating these songs. This album flows perfectly with the direction that P&L is heading...straight into the hearts of their devoted following.”

Lizzy Marie - Dreamers Radio

“Wow, I adore the album!! Jillian's voice is beautiful! She reminds me a bit of Maura Davis of Denali. Very well done.”

Brittany Bindrim of I:Scintilla