paragraphs / Press

“The new album is their strongest yet, reaching the full spectrum of post-rock nuances with songs that have pensive and romantically melodic aspects, and others that reach levels that rival the heaviest of genres.”

“Ambient and enticing, You’re Ridiculous (I Love You) features reverb-laden guitar riffs that lie at the intersection of twinkling and clashing, all layered over intergalactic percussion.”

“[You're Ridiculous (I Love You)] finds the band doing what they do best, which is creating gorgeous swells of instrumental music, all crashing waves of guitars, synths, drums. The songs unfold over 40 serene minutes, using astutely built tension to crescendo towards cathartic releases that ebb and flow to pull the listener back in after serenading them into a colorful haze. Like their previous releases, it is confident and well executed album that should impress fans of the genre.”

“Paragraphs have crafted a gorgeous debut EP and are one of the more promising young bands in the Twin Cities.”

“Paragraphs is one of the best Minneapolis bands to come out of 2009 that you've likely never heard of before.”

"...Local four-piece Paragraphs creates serene compositions with a quick cadence..."

"Local post-rock outfit Paragraphs are a band to keep an eye on."