Paradox Please / Press

“Driving guitar riffs burst through the hypnotic rhythm, like falling stars cascading across a dark nights sky, accompanied by haunting, but alluring vocals that mouth wateringly tingle down the spine make ‘Singularity’ the debut anthemic single by Pittsburgh’s Paradox Please an impressive calling card, that’s already got some in the music industry penciling them in as a hot band to watch in 2013! This relatively new, but blatantly professional trio has already made its mark on the local and Pennsylvania state live circuit establishing themselves as hard hitting performers with a buzz that’s generating a fast growing loyal fan base locally, nationally and internationally. Fronted by James Beswick, the Paradox Please sound has a distinct edgy feel about it that when combined with the talents of Brittany Glitsch on bass and Chad Leonberg on drums leaves you exhilarated and yet exhausted after screaming for more…..and more…..and more!”

Edward Lewis - New Motion Records, United Kingdom

“Paradox Please adds more patience, intrigue and intelligence to their songwriting than the average rock band. I enjoyed your mix of influences. Heavy but melodic and interesting at the same time.”