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“[Paper Tiger's new record] is a record suspended in time, cuts of a synthesized history not dissimilar to our own that collect thoughts that exist beyond consciousness and distill them into flavors that will delight and amaze.”

“Paper Tiger’s critically-acclaimed first record, Me Have Fun, is defined by layers and layers of vinyl samples - a groovy, gritty backing orchestra for Kummerle’s sultry vocals”

“It’s the gesture of a shimmer amidst the slink and strut of beats and vocals so controlled and lingering that even a wink would be too eager. “This Time Around” fits in the Paper Tiger arc, but it also demonstrates new directions — a spiraling into subtle matter and minimalism for an effect that flirts with explosiveness although, in truth, it barely lifts its bedroom eyes. (of "This Time Around")”

“… what begins as a cool, snappy shimmy of a beat melts into even cooler horns and keys. In fact, cool (as a noun) layers and blankets this song, coloring and texturing it in near-palpable ways. It’s jazz stripped of edifice, soul pared back to its thrumming essence, and r&b boiled down to only its heavy-breathing intent. (of “This Time Around”)”

"Paper Tiger’s Me Have Fun is a quality display of a beat-defined soul record. It pulls from genres like Trip-Hop and Soul, with hints into the mind of a singer/songwriter. Me Have Fun, solid for kids of all ages…"

“An eclectic blend of trip-hop, Shirley Bassey/Bond theme and lounge jazz, the Asheville duo makes late-night mood music for the louche and lovelorn alike. The duo blend synth textures, samples and processed beats with just enough organic elements — ringing guitar notes, double-tracked vocals, shuffling percussion — to tilt toward soulful intimacy rather than, say, Portishead’s creeping existentialism or Beth Orton’s summery trip-folk. The duo link longer songs with instrumental or vocal snippets, creating an album-long dream-scape of cocktail cool.”

"To call this act the States’ answer to England’s own Portishead would be accurate..."

"It's the sound of late-night romance, of early-morning musings, and of all the refracted beauty of the daylight that falls between...But be careful: the music may be atmospheric and dreamy, but it's hardly toothless. Once it gets you in its maw, it doesn't let go. Rrrrowwrrr."

"This beat heavy, sample-driven album reintroduces listeners to the ground work laid by the likes of Portishead of the 90’s and more recently Little Dragon. The duo of Producer Isaac Gottfried and Vocalist Molly Kummerle, create a progressive blend of storytelling laid over groove laden instrumentation."

"On the N.C. duo's new Me Have Fun, jazz, pop, trip-hop and psychedelia all come together in a Portishead-esque samples/keyboards/femme vox soundscape of astonishing beauty."

"Paper Tiger’s new album, Me Have Fun, is an eclectic mix of warm keys, funky bass and crackly samples, intermingled with such subtlety that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish where the human ends and machine begins."

"Me Have Fun (Boy Girl Recordings), their debut, more than reaffirms that reputation – in its quietly compelling, get-under-your-skin brand of understatement, it actually winds up saying more than 99% of the new releases that have appeared so far this year."

"There is a place where the seemingly contradictory worlds of jazz and electronica collide. It’s a place where multi-instrumentalists meet DJs to blur the line between lounge, pop and trance. And in Asheville, Paper Tiger is your guide to such a place."

"Paper Tiger’s music is jazzy, swanky, electronic and sophisticated, a rare blend that makes for the perfect soundtrack to a drive or night on the town."

“Fans of Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation take note — Asheville now has a deeply sexy lounge act of its own.”

"[Molly's] voice is a mixture of smoky undertones and full throated wail that beacons listeners into the stories that [she] weaves around etheareal melodies and haunting moog sounds."

“...an introspective red wine-sipping vibe with old school hip-hop and restrained electro-sexiness.”

"Your graceful stage presence is obviously influenced by the grooves and it suggests your deep connection with each tune's subject matter." -said to Molly in an interview

“Asheville's Ruby Slippers is an infectious mix of sultry jazz, driving rock and roll, and allegiance to the groove.”

Laura Blackley - Asheville Citizen-Times

“The vocals are sultry, the lyrics from the soul, the music jazz-influenced alternative rock — the result is mesmerizing.”

Joe Zinich - Rapid River

“Musically captivating and visually arresting, Ruby Slippers is a local band destined to have an enormous impact on the Asheville music scene.”

Joe Zinich - Rapid River

“...unlike most of us who are forever trying to shed our marching-band dorkiness, Ruby Slippers' singer is applying band-class principles to the lounge-club aesthetic of her current musical endeavor.”

Alli Marshall - Mountain XPress

“Ruby Slippers considers themselves among a growing local scene that not only churns out singer-songwriters with pop savvy, but supports its own.”

Alli Marshall - Mountain XPress

“...Ruby Slippers...behind the beautiful voice of Molly Kummerle. The only real question we need to ask about this lady is: Where the hell did she come from? The answer, according to the band's Web site, is the Virgin Islands – which solidifies Kummerle's classy-diva thing as all the more intriguin”

Stuart Gaines - Mountain XPress

“Her voice melts butter across the room with microwave ease, while vaguely evoking the best of Ani DiFranco or even Fiona Apple.”

Stuart Gaines - Mountain XPress