paperthreat / Press

“On the Ghost Dance EP, you’ll hear horns layered over electronic blips, harmonized vocals over dark cello tones, vibraphone melodies over distorted bass lines and more. [paperthreat] have a penchant for experimentation but they never alienate the listener and on this, their second EP, they guide us through their explorations of both ambient tones and tasty melodies. Ghost Dance was one of those EPs that leave us wanting more, despite it being a lengthy EP at six songs.”

“[paperthreat] are one of the most inventive bands in Austin right now. These four guys use drums, bass, guitars, trombones, trumpets, glockenspiels, vibraphones and computers to create an incomparable sound. They’re all quite accomplished musicians and their music is infused with the jazz and funk that they’ve clearly trained in. “Focus” is a perfect example of what they’re capable of: odd harmonies and chord progressions augmenting a beautiful, catchy melody. It’s typically the opening song in their live set and sets the mood wonderfully for everything else you end up hearing from them. It’s challenging, thrilling and accessible. What more could you ask for?”

“...I could go on for some time about what makes them excel and I will... coalition of electronic dance beats; jazzy chords, horns, and guitar tone; and pop vocals will inevitably draw some lofty comparisons. I hear Tortoise, TV On the Radio, and (that universally acclaimed five-piece British band that no critic can mention by name without immediately losing their credibility). But as always it's not the band's influences that matter but what they choose to do with them, and what you need to know most about paperthreat as a live band is that at certain points during their show Wednesday night people ran, not walked, to the dance floor... ...What sticks out most about paperthreat isn't their jazz chops or their mastery of multiple instruments or their ability to use computer technology correctly. It's that their songs make people dance and they have warm, obvious hooks you can keep returning to.”

“Austin Artist 2 Watch: paperthreat "Over the last week or so I’ve found myself giving some heavy spins to the tunes created by Austin electronic-pop group Paperthreat."..."I’ve been jamming that EP for a couple weeks now and I’ve yet to come up with a comparison I feel confident about."”