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“I stumbled across Paper Anchors several weeks back while going thru our Sonicbids submissions and I gotta be honest with you folks….they write songs that are catchy, witty and hooky! Great songs for licensing!”

“The 'Show Me State' duo, Paper Anchors, are proof that girls rock just as good as guys! Mirrors Facing Mirrors is a pretty good album that shows off Paper Anchors' creative understanding of what real music is all about. If you enjoy the music of bands like Flyleaf and Paramore, you'll enjoy Paper Anchors.”

“For Paper Anchors, technology is not an attempt to compensate for musical ability. Ultimately, quality singing and composing are the things that make Paper Anchors a cut above much of the electronic music making a comeback in today's music. With tour dates coming up in Springfield, Joplin, Columbia, Kansas City, and Chicago to promote their EP release, Trottier and Bailey have a lot to be excited about. Their single "Squares," has already seen radio play and landed a spot on the Quiksilver Pro France 2011 surfing competition webcast. "I think we're just having fun with running with our ideas with each other," says Bailey.... ”

“Quiksilver Pro France 2011”

"Paper Anchors has a fresh rock-driven sound bolstered by electronic elements. They have a powerful live show, despite being just a two-piece act. Local fans have noticed, too, voting the duo into the top 10 five straight weeks (and counting)."

Brett Johnston - TAGsgf

“Summer Trottier and Mallory Bailey are the colorful duo called Paper Anchors. They focus on a catchy blend and variety of sounds that features outstanding vocals, musicianship and meaningful lyrics. This is indie music at its finest!”