Papa Crawdaddy Band / Press

“These cats (and they ARE “Cats” in the best possible sense) in this band. Hoo Boy. The real deal. They are road hard. They’ve all played in bands that toured, some of them at a pretty high level. Some of you older locals will remember seeing Grinder Switch on a lot of bills with bigger bands. They come from The Bronx (Pete), West Virginia (The Senator), and Miami/Fort Lauderdale (Marty). Their live show is fantastic…They are ‘attacking’ the crowd, every set…Out there among the patrons laughing, dancing, cajoling, bumping, grinding. Pretty cool. Let me tell you something…What these guys do, the way they do it…It’s hard work. It was easily 85 degrees in the stage corner at Seaside. And they just KILLED it. Like they had been there ten thousand times, before. Frankly, they have.”

“We are proud to announce the return of Papa Crawdaddy & The Senator back to Sundance film fest again this year, jan 24th, 2012 after an awesome debut at Sundance last yr, They were Ridiculous!!! legendary performance from a couple of legendary players! Bravo Papa Crawdaddy Band!”

Jessica Gleason, vp sundance film channell - Sundance Film Fest News