“there’s no doubt that "Worlds" is the more mature, expressive, creative contender, dangerous, beautiful and ever so slightly insane”

“vastness, ambition, barely controlled mayhem and spiteful bite of their modern, extreme sound is all truly their own,”

“Pantheon I are even more deserving of their designation of ‘extreme’ metallers...there’s a striking modernity about Pantheon I that distances them from their forebears”

“beginning with some hammering blasts courtesy of new sticksman Mads Guldbekkhei, before balancing the cello beautifully against the sharp-edged guitar melody for an explosion into twitchy, savage life. The jaw-dropping clean break will just push you over the edge”

“a more mature use of the wonderful Live Juliann’s contribution to the Pantheon I sound, with her rich, soul-ensnaring cello weaving through the sound with purpose and dark delight”

“Opener "Myself Above All" needs only a few grand, melodic and utterly chaotic moments to convince, seamlessly throwing together a fiendish chug, some technical, racing lead-work, Andre’s trademark howl and a clean acoustic layer without any sign of breaking a sweat”

“I was anxious to find out whether Pantheon I could maintain their awe-inspiring passion whilst pushing themselves ever onwards in musical terms. They can, and it’s all rather spectacular”

“they play brutal oldschool black, refined by use of classical string instruments, at a level so advanced that only Emperor could keep up”

“They may have stood out before, but Worlds I Create really pushes this group’s sound to new heights and makes them a force to be reckoned with. ”

“The riffs are still fast paced and the group’s drummer is always pounding away with reckless abandon, but what the string contributions has done for this album is further enhance the band’s melodic ideas and given this release a ton of atmosphere”

““Worlds I Create” contains everything a liberally minded black metal fan needs; from the grim and unstoppable Nordic assaults, dominated by the double bass drums, to the melodic despairing outcries of witches on the pyre – usually within the same song! ”

“Whenever I think that black metal has died, it starts kicking again. In the case of Pantheon I it kicks the shit out of me! ”

“Pantheon I’s more melodically oriented has not caused their music to seem any less harsh and sinister, and it has instead made it even stronger than before”

“Pantheon I seem to be on the verge of establishing themselves as a true name in the post-black metal landscape”

“some pretty fantastic tracks in the vein of Ishahn, Emperor, and 1349 that really stand out”

“relentless drumming and frantic riffs which are complimented by very subtle classical elements”

“Das größte Plus, dass ich PANTHEON I allerdings ins Notenbüchlein schreiben muss ist die frische, düstere Brachialität mit der das Quintett zu Werke geht.”

“the classical and modern instruments are arranged perfectly, the clean vocals are strong and emotional”

“Somit kann ich nicht viel mehr sagen, als dass das Album dringend gehört werden sollte.”

“the classical instruments ... when we get into the song proper they are a fantastic atmospheric addition to a strong opener”

“Pantheon I haben mit “Worlds I Create” etwas abgeliefert auf das ich so nicht mal zu hoffen gewagt hatte.”

“Wieder was dazu gelernt – man mischt einfach ein paar große und namenhafte Bands zusammen und erhält eine nahezu perfekte.”

“Beinahe alles stimmt, denn bei dieser Scheibe will einfach keine Langeweile aufkommen. Grade wenn ich dachte das Album verliert an Langzeitmotivation wurde etwas vollends unerwartetes wie eben der Klargesang bei “Ascending” aufgefahren und hat mich wieder die Lauscher spitzen lassen.”