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“Pandora’s Box is coming from Larissa and play progressive metal. Introduced in 2002 by Achilleas Mochloulis and Loukas Avgerinos. It is the first album which consists of seven tracks. Seven compositions of adventurous metal and rock music with neoclassical elements. The compositions sound very pleasant. All compositions need careful and many hearings in order for someone to get into the spirit of the album. A demanding job: is the result of good musicians with good mooding and progressive music. The songs transport us to a fairytale world which reveals the technical abilities of the band. The band creates an abundant melody and a technique that is inspiring. The guitars and can be expressed in various ways, strong and travelling. The keys can be very technical at some points, however they are not overwhelming. Powerful and drums and the vocals have wide range and they are full of imagination. To keep it brief, it is a great job”

“Intense classic and the 80s elements in the music of Pandora's Box. Reminds enough the good old style Y J Malmsteen, though sometimes leaning more towards to American 80s sounds, while there are also references in the progressive style. Also, strong is the presence of keys on the album that while most of the time creating beautiful atmospheres or carpet for a dream to conquer. Sometimes seem to be ahead in the mix. The production is quite good, it retains a slightly old-fashioned connotations, which I suspect is due mainly to the sound of the guitar. The musicians of Pandora's Box is obviously skilled, and all that remains in the band is to make a big step, shaping their exclusively own musical character. The fans of this sound must be heard”

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“(translated from greek) 8 songs structured with several variations of Classic Rock melodies with Hard Metal sounds. Somewhere in the songs makes an appearance and influence of bands like Nightwish, etc completes the scene. These guys from Larissa have something to say!”

“Pandora's Box created since 2002 and have spent several changes in their lineup. Currently their members are actually Achilleas Mochloulis (keys), brothers Loukas and John Avgerinos (guitars & drums respectively), Dimitrios Sourlas (bass) and Alexandros Siderakos (vocals). The album is the debut which came after hard work and effort in something that appears as the final result. Their music moves in the heavy metal with plenty of melody and heavy doses of classic influences. All compositions retain a strong interest and not lacking in quality. The vocals are very good, also the guitars has the volume that needs and impresses with their solo, the rhythm section sounds very tight and loud while the keys are the key to the whole album. In general the album, Pandora's Box is very good, rich quality and above all it is a very serious job of very good musicians who love what they do and put all their passion. They deserve our support.”

“(translation from Greek Webzine) ..... I believe for this band, I wish from my heart to try harder, to continue and consolidate the scene. The kids really make a worthwhile effort, which if you care to dress with more originality, then I am sure we will succeed. The "Preface", "Into My Eyes", "Lost Love", "Rapid Alteration" and "Crimes Of Love", make me feel the wish and the fist of children to achieve a lot and it seems that over the years have good chance to succeed. Can of Pandora's box, she says mythology have sprung up all ills of the world, but the band can exploit the name and take out from this box all reasonable efforts and love for this music.”