The Pandemics / Press

“The Pandemics – Brain On Tap I love this album for the simple fact that it’s heavy, super brassy fun. FUN. Something a lot of bands are missing lately. Stop being so serious and make me dance, for fucks sake! The Pandemics are all over that. It’s eight pieces of tight, clean ska that can do third wave flavor as easily as they throw down a classic Trojan groove. They have the style and know-how to take this music, mix it up, throw it around, and get a crowd moving. I know…I have seen them live, and they seriously floored me with how tight they were. The Pandemics are a truly vibrant example of the modern New York ska scene, and I think you can expect to be seeing these guys around a lot more in the coming year.”

“Bands in New York have an energy that is almost tangible, and nearly impossible to describe. It varies band to band, scene to scene...but it's constant. Every time I get into a new one, I can detect it almost immediately. It's what gets me dancing immediately...be it sitting at my desk, driving in my car, doing my dishes, putting my radio show and podcast together, everything where the music is filling my ears. Thank fucking goodness for New York City. This is everything that fills my soul, my ears, my brain when I listen to The Pandemics.”

“(The Pandemics are) an eight piece band of talented individual musicians creating high energy ska with flavors of jazz and punk. Vocals are raspy with dirty, gritty, delicious soul and a side of fun. Brass is perfectly layered and accented throughout the album. Bass lines are the groove threaded throughout. Their most recent album, Brain On Tap, is a great mix of styles that highlight seemingly every aspect of what puts this band together. There are highlights of percussion, brass, vocals, bass, guitar, and excellent meshings of each intricate puzzle piece. I dig it, and I dig it hard.”

“It’s been a while since Ska was on the scene in music, but The Pandemics prove that not all is lost. A full-fledged eight-piece band, they bring back the 1990′s sound with a New York edge. As a blend of jaunty guitar and piano work, with real dedication to the horns and East coast attitude in their lyrics, I find myself flowing along to their music as early as the first few chords.”

“New York ska band The Pandemic’s first release “Brain On Tap” is like a stroll through some 60-odd years of ska music, containing well-approached songs for each period (and then some).”

“It shows how versatile the Pandemics are as a band. No one trick pony...they can bridge difference styles and different flavors with precision. I was impressed.”

“Right from track 1, there’s no secret about it: the brass section tends to play a leading role in most every song, and for good reason. They are an extremely tight, well-polished and articulate group of horn players. This is anything but a backing section. These guys pave the way in this album. It’s astonishing the amount of complexity an additional member or two can bring to a band’s sound, and The Pandemics feature a fully-stocked horn section, including two trumpets, a trombone, an alto/tenor sax, and a baritone sax. That’s a lot of brass, but it isn’t squandered.”

“That is probably the best way to explain The Pandemics. Each instrument is working together to make something greater than its parts, yet at the same time, no individual voice is being lost in the noise. The drums and guitar set the tempo, but it’s the horn section that really sets the tone. Everything is balanced against the vocals, so the message never gets lost, but it is easy to hear what each musician is trying to say.”

“The thing I like most about (Brain on Tap) is that it's fun. I know that sounds simple and trite for someone who is supposed to be dissecting an album and a band for a review with big words and precise pointers, but seriously...its just fucking FUN! From track to track, it's completely dancable... and yes that is a word.”