The Panache Orchestra / Press

“I cannot begin to tell you how many people came up to me to express their enjoyment and appreciation for music of such heart-felt refinement to be rarely heard even on a concert stage, let alone as support during a non-profit event”

"Brenda & Saito-san are incredible musical performers. Their blended notes and creative weaving in & out of each others music is just something you've got to hear for yourself. It really takes your breath away...."

Quote from fan - Bryan Cole Photoworks

"We played the CD on Sunday, and we both found it so moving and romantic. It has even more meaning because we know the emotion you both put into your music. It will be a CD we play many, many times."

Fan quote - Quote from Fan

"You two add another dimension to music for me. It is so soothing and beautiful to watch both of you put your whole heart into it - I can easily get lost and enjoy the moment for all that it is."

“10 Strings is an eye-opening album for music lovers that don’t believe classical and pop can be as one. The way the music of the guitar and violin blend is stunning, and the two instruments share the stage with grace, melting together to create a sound that is unlike anything else out there.”

"...Each of their instrumental pieces was like a virtual musical tour of a new sonic landscape and musical genre. Rather than simply trying to express or duplicate a genre (jazz, blues, Latin, and more) they artfully used the elements of that genre as a departure point. The result was hypnotic instrumental music, simultaneously fresh and familiar, that earned them enthusiastic and spontaneous applause after each musical journey...."