Pam Mark Hall / Press

“Wendy Waldman's first producing project is unlikely: a contemporary Christian singer named Pam Mark Hall. Waldman described Pam Mark Hall as an ``enlightened Christian, kind of a Randy Newman-type musician. She`s a very diverse, intelligent artist. I`m sure there are a lot of other Christians who think it`s very interesting for her to be produced by a `secular musician` and a woman to boot.``”

"Pam Mark Hall has a strong old school folk voice, in the vein of Judy Collins, Joan Baez and the New Christie Minstrels"

“One the of finest forgotten recordings of '90s singer/songwriter boom. Pam Mark Hall’s voice possesses the glow of Jewel & strength of Trisha Yearwood- she explores roots-related styles. "Rock Me on the Water" acoustic blues & "Paler Shade of You" world music smorgasbord”