Pam Hawkins / Press

"...in its second place in our "poll" Body Blues "appeared a young black American Pam Hawkins. Same team also had a strong support Of the Polish radio. A lot of people in the composition and the power of the U..."

"Music Daddy's Cash has reached a very high level of the world, as evidenced by the latest album" Body Blues ". The publishing house consists of 14 songs about life: problems and pleasures, love and betrayal, joy and tears, merging funk, blues and soul into one perfectly harmonious whole, alternating powerful black vocals Pam Hawkins along with a 10-person team, 2-person backup'em and 9-person gospel choir. "

“..... rhythm, and composition of free develops in the jazzy song, in which Pam Hawkins can show off your voice....”

“....the soon-to-be- legendary Pam Hawkins.....”

“Fog Bank is County's Hidden Gem for Live Music For the past 15 years, Capitola's Fog Bank has designated Sunday evenings for its "Pro Jam." It's a night for local bands to let loose in an open atmosphere, and where "jammers" can step in and knock each others socks off. Sunday night (June 10) the electric vocalist Pam Hawkins sang alongside Johnny Fabulous, jammers, random girls she met while playing on the wharf earlier that day, and her band, consisting of Tim Allen on bass, Ken Harril on guitar, and Bryant Mills on drums. "Some of the jammers come every Sunday, religiously, like it's their gig," said Amy Andrade, the bar manager who books all of the bands at the Fog Bank, which Patch Readers recently voted as the best place for live entertainment in the county.”

“Pam Hawkins, The South Bay Powerhouse Soul Singer Retains Her Diva Crown: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a female soul singer with Pam’s energy and commitment to performing songs, not just singing them. Every song, every shimmy each and every show has the same power and passion, a raw emotion in a bottle of seductively infectious sincerity that comes across naturally.”

“Vocalist Pam Hawkins has been a regular on the Bay Area blues scene........”