Palenke Soultribe / Press

"Mar ya no trata de jugar y abordar la nostalgia, se trata de una re trabajada 180 grados de una tradición musical de cientos de años perfectamente acoplada al dubstep, al techno y al dance de los clubs latinos."

"…un campo de exploración en las raíces musicales afro y una selección acertada de temas representativos de la cultura palenquera…"

"PST are virtually killing it with one of the strongest releases for this season!! A tribute to legendary Colombian singer Petrona Martinez, featuring a house remix of one of her most beloved tunes, Las Penas Alegres. AND TOTALLY SUPPORTED BY THE QUEEN HERSELF!"

"PALENKE SOULTRIBE is going to hit the scene super hard! Their superb Afro-Colombian electronic style provides perfect bangers for the club."

“It’s always a poignant time when the show is over, when the energy coils back into itself. But the force, the basking radiance that a good show ignites is something to carry with you for days to come. And if you’re lucky, never truly leaves.”

“The trick, which this South American hybrid has refined more than so many of its self-proclaimed ‘genre-jumping’ compatriots, is in the consistency of the arch.”

“More or less traditional, un-manipulated cumbia and vallenato beats also pulse through "Mar" on party-starter tracks like "Blanco & Negro."”

“There are a few other artists we can think of who have such a lively, varied, universal sound and Palenke Soultribe stand in a league of their own.”

“Electronic trio Palenke Soultribe seamlessly combines Colombian rhythms with Chemical Brothers-style beats to create its own joyous mix.”

“Take some Afro-Colombian rhythms, mash in a bunch of American and European break beats, plus just a hint of dance-y grooves ... And blammo, here comes Palenke Soultribe.”

“If the term "folkloric deconstruction" leaves you scratching your head or, worse yet, picturing a foreign knock-off of late-model Woody Allen featuring loincloth and headdress, you probably haven't had the opportunity to catch LA-based electro outfit Palenke Soultribe.”