"Joyous, carefree and catchy as hell”

My Old Kentucky Blog

"Paleface, an indie-folk icon"

The Flagpole, Athens GA

“A rousing showman we’re lucky to get to see him play live...”

Creative Loafing

“This band will liven up any room it's in, slinging the happiness like a drug”

Roanoke Times

“One damn good time.”


“Melodic songs with a sunny vibe while maintaining an edge.”

The New Yorker

"indie folk-pop duo with eclectic style and grace, funky, hip, and even interactive"

New Times

"Paleface is a great songwriter, a generous friend, and a big influence on my early stuff"

“Daytrotter's Best Of The Year - Reader's Choice”

“From the outset Paleface’s new album, One Big Party, makes no amends for the raucous, boot-stomping experience in store...These songs are catchy and upbeat, retaining Paleface’s lyrical openness and sly sense of irony.”

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more appropriately-titled record this year. One Big Party is one big sonic shit-eatin’ grin. Joyous, carefree and catchy as hell, this record is a perfect and cost-effective antidote to whatever ails ya”

"honest songwriting and unmistakable voice, underscored by Samalot’s beautiful harmonies"

Kevin Craig - The Flagpole

“Calling Paleface’s music “folk” feels a bit like calling a bar brawl “a disagreement.” Technically it might be correct, but the word feels inadequate”

“everything about this One Big Party suggests one damn good time”

“From the moment you plug into One Big Party you want to clap your hands and tap your toes”


“PALEFACE...Top 10 Live Performances @ SXSW Festival”

The Denver Post

"songs you'd be glad to hum for the rest of the day"

“Triumphant Title for the latest from the New York anti-folkie admired by Beck, and his first album in years that is not for a tiny punk label or a bootleg. It's best songs are a heady jumble of urban and Americana- musically, and lyrically too”

MOJO, (by J. Jarrow)


MAGNET Magazine

“Paleface is one of the antifolk scene’s best-loved products”

Time Out New York

“Paleface, a neo-folk icon”

The Flagpole, Athens GA

“terrific disc, a deserving breakthrough ”

“Seriously, he’s the real deal, and you need to check him out", Star News”

Star News, Wilmington NC

“The dynamic duo has been charming audiences coast to coast with their high energy performances, honest, refreshing lyrics, and their raw yet full folk-core sound.”


“overdue for recognition”

Nashville Scene

“Paleface’s earth-bound wisdom croons rollicking acoustic tunes, weaving a deeper, understated understanding from everyday aggravations.”

“Tons of sweat flying energy, damn good songs that stomp and rumble, and a beautiful noise that is spreading to ears far and wide”

“This band will liven up any room it's in, slinging the happiness like a drug ”

Tad Dickens - Roanoke Times

"Last December, when Paleface and Mo charmed the bejeezus outta BLURT during an opening set for the Avett Brothers, we knew we would be fans for life."

"Kind of like Tom Waits and Kim Deal of the Pixies making quirky acoustic folk together"

"Paleface and drummer Mo Samalot place themselves into the upper echelon of the wave of fantastic Americana acts we've seen through NC over the past few years"

"Paleface and Monica "Mo" Samalot create an atmosphere alternately mysterious, confident and optimistic...The group's blend is excellent"

"If Tom Waits is the West Coast hermit of the bizarre and the offbeat, then perhaps his East Coast counterpart is Paleface"

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times