Pal&Drome (P&d) / Press

““It’s definitely a lot more than just playing bass or drums,” Josh adds. “There’s something about watching someone create electronic music organically. It’s almost more exciting than watching someone play in a rock band. It’s an awesome challenge.” Zach describes the project as “Positive funk groove. It’s all about the groove. Just a dance party. We want to see people feeling good, not worrying about shit, at least for the hour.” ”

“Wonder twin electro wizards Pal&Drome recently posted a video for their track “All This Time.” The video was made by a Toronto filmmaker over the course of two days at Valley of the Moon (Jacumba) and a rooftop party downtown. “Really we thought the video could be the first of all our videos, as we want to have an awesome video for every song we put out, all shared by a common thread (like a recurring character: the faceless man, among other things),” says Pal (or Drome) Josh Wheeler. “We thought that the theme of the song - duality, mirror opposites, "all this time, we were both sides, from inside, worlds collide, all this time" - could be represented by the opposites of the venues we were in, a barren wilderness playing to nobody and a rooftop show, strung together by a supernatural teleportation via the faceless man, who may or may not represent yourself or who you wish to be. It's like we are at both the desert and roof simultaneously in alternate universes. Some Lynch-ia”

“Twin wonder band Pal&Drome is a psychic dance duo featuring the Wheeler brothers overlaying programmed beats and software with live instrumentation and heady vocal loops. You may know of them from Scarlet Symphony, afro-funk outfit Society!, or, if you’re really lucky, enchanted forest post-rock gnomies The Glorfindel Trio. Here’s an (albeit dark) look at a tango-based number they played last night at the Soda Bar opening for Austin’s eight-fold path to awesome band The Octopus Project. Building on the driving house beats that carried much of their set, this track garnishes a dirty electro beat with deft bass lines a la Jaco Pastorius and the aphex lovechild of Justice, Squarepusher, LCD Soundsystem and Bajo Fondo.”