Paisley Marie / Press

"Incredible! She is freakin' awesome! Man I got goosebumps watching the Journey song... Amazing. Just amazing."

"It was the best kind of surprise when Paisley Marie began to sing. Incredible power and poise at such a young age."

"Paisley Marie shows talent and personality beyond her years. Watch out Taylor Swift. Paisley's live performance is amazing. She really knows how to work a crowd. She has a big future ahead of her."

“Paisley's passion and maturity at such a young age is inspiring and exciting. She possesses a self-awareness and strength of character that put her head and shoulders above other young talents. She is the whole package--a young energetic star with tons of talent that is ready to work.”

“I had this 12yr old girl Paisley Marie play just a few minutes ago here at Hard Knox Grill and I have to tell you if see her name playing anywhere around make it a point to see her! You will not be disappointed! She will be famous one day!”

Pete Koutrakos - Owner of Hard Knox Grill

“‎If we all had the confidence, drive and clear vision that Paisley Marie has for her music, we'd all be uber successful. Keep your eye and ear on this girl. It's only a matter of time before she's the next big thing.”